Latest Social Media Platform Updates: AI Innovations and New Features for June 2024

Latest Social Media Platform Updates: AI Innovations and New Features for June 2024

Social media platforms continue to innovate with AI-driven features and updates. Here are the key highlights from the latest changes:


Algorithm Overhaul Instagram is now prioritizing original content and performance over reposts and follower count, giving great content a better chance to reach a wider audience.

Exploring “Experiment Mode” for Reels This new mode allows your Reels to be shown to non-followers first and won’t appear on your profile unless you choose to share them with everyone.

X (formerly Twitter)

Testing “AI Audiences” X has introduced a tool that allows advertisers to describe their ideal audience, which then generates a relevant user pool to target within seconds.

Launching “Stories on X” Exclusive to Premium users, this feature provides real-time news summaries using Grok AI, curating posts to deliver trending conversation summaries.


Introducing "Premium Company Page" LinkedIn is trialing a $99 subscription service offering AI-driven content creation and growth strategies to enhance company profiles.

Announcing Pre-Roll Ads Publishers can now embed 15-second pre-roll ads from partners directly into the organic video content they post on the platform.


Agreement with UMG TikTok and UMG have agreed on terms to ensure fair compensation for UMG artists and to monitor generative AI creations.

Considering AI-Powered Voice Cloning This new feature allows users to create digital replicas of their voices, raising concerns about potential misuse, such as voice deepfakes.


Introducing AI-Powered Ad Tools Meta is offering advertisers new AI features, including predicting the success of organic content in paid campaigns and improved "Remind Me" ads.

Launching “Meta AI” Meta has introduced its "Meta AI" chatbot across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, offering conversational and creative assistance.


Testing AI Ideas Generator YouTube is experimenting with an AI tool that suggests trending topics and provides content outlines to help creators generate video ideas.

Considering “Pause Ads” YouTube is poised to introduce ads that display when you pause a video, following promising test results.

News Source: Campaign Middle East

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