Enjoy your favorite music on-the-go with LG XBOOM 360 and LG Tone Free Earbuds

Enjoy your favorite music on-the-go with LG XBOOM 360 and LG Tone Free Earbuds

Experience a Superior and High-Caliber Sound Quality with LG XBOOM 360 and LG Tone Free Earbuds That Add The Best in Entertainment to Every Lifestyle.

Music is an essential part of setting the right atmosphere and providing a complete entertainment solution at any gathering or solo activity. Keeping consumers needs in mind, LG Electronics (LG) designed and delivered gadgets that can be easily used on the go. This includes the LG Tone Free Earbuds, which offer users an ultimate sound experience to enjoy. On the other hand, sometimes you don’t always need to keep the entertainment to yourself, and often you’ll want to share it with people around you - this is where LG XBOOM 360 and LG Tone Free come in, as the ultimate sound experience and essential items to benefit from, now that the weather is changing and people are planning to spend and enjoy more time outdoors.

Simply Stylish

LG XBOOM 360 wireless speaker is designed to provide versatility with an aluminum handle that enhances mobility and convenience, and a sturdy grip that makes it easy to move. LG XBOOM 360 is a beautiful addition to the home, considered as a piece of premium furniture that provides a warm feel and modern aesthetic that complements home decor. LG XBOOM 360 creates the right atmosphere for any occasion thanks to its 360-degree mood lighting with three different presets – Ambient, Nature, and Party – as well as a range of customizable lighting options and sound effects. It also offers the chance to choose 16.8 million colors by using the LG XBOOM app to customize 360° lighting to enhance your immersion and elevate daily moments every time you listen to music.

Set Your Mood

Whether you need to relax, meditate, or set your party mode on, there's a lighting mode to suit any mood. LG XBOOM 360 lighting - inspired by everyday life, festivals, and nature - is designed to reflect the passage of time while creating the right ambiance for every moment. Each lighting mode finely adjusts colors, illuminance, and color temperature to provide audio-visual immersion in harmony with your listening environment.

Wireless Freedom

LG TONE Free Earbuds have a charging case that acts as a wireless dongle for the earbuds. With a USB-C to AUX cable, you can plug it into mobile devices, computers, treadmills, and even airplane seats to enjoy a completely wireless experience and amazing sound wherever you go. The LG TONE Free Earbuds transform your hearing sensory, delivering a more lifelike sound that fully immerses you in your music, movie, TV show, or game. You no longer need to worry about using the earbuds for a long time as the LG TONE Free Earbuds are hypoallergenic and comfortable with their medical-grade ear gels that are made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone. Enjoy a stylish fit with LG TONE Free earbuds new contoured design that was developed by analyzing hundreds of ears. It conforms to the shape of your ear to stop your earbuds from falling, it also you to find your perfect fit in three sizes.

Immerse into Your Own World

LG TONE Free Earbuds offer an active Noise Cancellation experience that blocks out the external sound by generating an equal amount of anti-noise. The improved driver can more effectively detect and cancel noise to create a true high-fidelity experience that allows you to completely immerse in whatever you’re listening to. You can also go switch to reality by pressing your LG TONE Free to turn off noise canceling and customize the mode to your situation, so you're fully aware of your surroundings — perfect for crossing the road. And use Chat mode to order in a cafe or​ have quick conversations without taking out your earbuds.

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