Local Clothing Brands in Dubai: Illi, Bambah & More

Local Clothing Brands in Dubai: Illi, Bambah & More

Dubai's fashion scene is a unique blend of traditional Emirati heritage and contemporary trends, making it a standout in the global fashion landscape. Local designers in Dubai are redefining fashion with their innovative approach, merging luxurious Middle Eastern motifs with modern aesthetics. These homegrown brands offer everything from bespoke abayas reflecting traditional artistry to trendy streetwear capturing the city's vibrant energy.

With unique and stylish pieces that represent the rich cultural narrative and innovative spirit of Dubai's fashion industry, here's a list of a few popular local clothing brands that you must try out.


Pearla, established by Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker, is a luxury fashion brand based in Dubai, known for its conceptual ready-to-wear garments. The brand offers a unique blend of everyday wearability and standout, attention-grabbing designs, all crafted from the finest fabrics.

Pearla's creations are more than just clothing; they are artistic expressions, merging art, storytelling, and imagination with fashion. Each piece is designed to be memorable and uncommon, ensuring the wearer feels like the protagonist of a never-ending fairytale.

The brand's main goal is to produce extraordinary garments that make a theatrical impact, truly setting them apart in the fashion industry.


Azzalia, a luxury fashion brand founded by Sheikha Amal Al Maktoum, specializes in couture abayas, gowns, evening wear, and ready-to-wear clothing. Renowned for its fusion of modern elegance and classic luxury, Azzalia places a strong emphasis on using high-quality fabrics, advanced embroidery techniques, and innovative design approaches.

Inspired by the 'Azalea' flower, the brand's ethos is reflected in its use of natural materials and couture sewing techniques. Azzalia releases seasonal collections and occasional limited capsule collections, encompassing three lines: Iris (exclusive couture), Lily (customizable ready-to-wear), and Daisy (affordable casual wear), each designed to cater to different style preferences and needs.


Bambah, established in 2010 by Egyptian entrepreneur Maha Abdul Rasheed, is a Dubai-based fashion brand known for its femininity, elegance, and bold signature designs. The brand is celebrated for its luxurious fabrics, lady-like silhouettes, striking colours, and playful elements like ruffles, bare shoulders, and oversized bows.

Catering to various occasions, Bambah offers statement pieces ideal for weddings, red-carpet events, or sunny destinations. Gaining recognition globally, it has been worn by top celebrities and featured in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue. Bambah stands out for its unique, fun, and sophisticated offerings in women's fashion.


Serrb, an Emirati brand founded in 2018 by three sisters, is known for its contemporary yet modest fashion. Specializing in abayas, kaftans, capes, and dresses, the brand emphasizes minimalist sophistication with a focus on exceptional fabrics and clean-cut designs.

Serrb's latest FW23 collection features a blend of vibrant and elegant colourways, incorporating pieces like pantsuits, evening dresses in velvet and satin, and uniquely detailed trench coats.

Celebrated for its culturally conscious and timeless designs, Serrb embodies elegance and power, appealing to women who appreciate modesty and minimalist sophistication in their wardrobe.


Reemami, an award-winning UAE-based fashion line, was founded by Reema Al Banna in 2009. Known for its eclectic, bold, and playful style, Reemami reflects Reema's passion for innovative cuts, volumes, and patterns.

With a background in graphic design and haute couture training from ESMOD Dubai, Reema infuses her collections with creativity, treating each piece as a work of art.

The brand, appealing to the young and spirited, is recognized for its unique identity and non-conformity to seasonal trends. Notably, Reemami's Resort '14 collection featured exclusive prints from special-needs artists, showcasing a commitment to social responsibility and artistic collaboration.


Illi, founded by Emirati designer Rawdha Thani in Dubai, is a brand that redefines the abaya, blending traditional influences with modern style. The brand's philosophy is to celebrate individuality and confidence, empowering women to feel beautiful, unique, and comfortable.

Illi's abayas are crafted with high-quality fabrics and distinct, trendy designs, offering a sophisticated and elegant addition to the modern woman's wardrobe. Each piece is created with a sense of exclusivity, ensuring that wearers feel they have something truly special.

The brand also explores other fashion items, like tote bags, expanding its appeal while staying true to its core values of empowerment and style.

The Giving Movement

The Giving Movement, founded by Dominic Nowell-Barnes in the UAE in 2020, is a fashion brand committed to positive environmental and ethical change. Dominic, motivated by the fashion industry's impact on climate and ethics, dedicated a year to studying fabric and textile science and ethics.

The brand, birthed from these insights and a vision for sustainable streetwear, aims to marry cost efficiency with eco-friendly practices. It's designed to appeal to the youth, offering sustainable, impactful apparel and promoting conscious consumerism, making it a disruptive force in the fashion industry.

Sara Tamimi

Sara Tamimi is a fashion brand known for its transformative and bold approach, focusing on wearable luxury. The brand's vision combines cosmopolitan style with timeless elegance, reflecting urban energy while honouring the past.

Abstaining fleeting trends, Sara Tamimi's designs aim for enduring value in wardrobes. Inspired by the grandeur of old-fashioned elegance and a passion for unique fabrics and textures, the brand mixes demure and daring elements. With meticulous attention to detail, each creation is designed to flatter and offer lasting style, embodying femininity and luxury.

Al Mraikn

Al Mraikn, a family business founded in 2011 by two sisters, specializes in abayas and dresses that epitomize elegant and modest fashion. Starting from a small shop with four employees, the brand has grown significantly, establishing its factory, participating in major fashion events, and collaborating with e-commerce platforms and influencers.

Al Mraikn's designs focus on empowering the modern Arab woman, offering outfits that are feminine, elegant, and practical. Over the past decade, the brand has made a notable impact in the modest fashion world, redefining luxury and chic silhouettes for its clientele.

These brands, each unique in their approach, blend traditional influences with contemporary trends, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. From luxury abayas to avant-garde ready-to-wear, these labels cater to a diverse range of styles and preferences, reflecting the cosmopolitan spirit of Dubai.

Embracing sustainability, cultural heritage, and modern fashion sensibilities, these homegrown brands not only dress the local populace but also leave a significant mark on the global fashion stage, redefining style in the Middle East and beyond.

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