Lost your Emirates ID? Here’s what you should do

Lost your Emirates ID? Here’s what you should do

Emirates ID is the most important document for people living in the UAE. It is an identification card that is issued by The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) that stores all your personal information. Emirates ID is used – to identify resident’s visa status, to avail government services, to open bank accounts, to get a driving license, to make immigration easy as it can be used instead of passports through e-gates. It also helps to protect your identity against fraud and identity theft and is also integrated with health insurance. Considering its importance, it is compulsory for every resident to keep their card secure and always carry it. So, losing it must be taken very seriously. Here’s what you should if you were to lose your Emirates ID.

What should you do?

The first and foremost thing you must do after you lose your Emirates ID is to report it at the nearest ICP Customer Happiness Centre and they will immediately deactivate the card. You should bring your passport for identification confirmation so that they can proceed with the deactivation procedure. You can also ask to confirm ID number or the issuance of a copy of your lost Emirates ID card. UAE nationals must bring their valid passport and a family book. Expats must bring their valid passport with their stamped valid residence visa.

If you didn’t lose the card but it is damaged, you’ll need to bring the old card with you to start the application for a new card. If your child under 15 has lost the card then, you must provide an original birth certificate of the child along with a coloured passport sized photo against a white background.

Apply for a new Emirates ID card replacement

Once you have reported the incident, you must apply for the replacement of your lost Emirates ID immediately. You can apply through- The ICP website or mobile app or at any ICP Customer Happiness Centers or at any accredited typing centers. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to apply through each of these channels:

Applying through ICP Customer Happiness Centers:

You can visit any of the centers in Dubai and get an application form to replace your ID card upon request. Once you reach the center, you will need to get a Queue ticket and wait. The waiting time is approx. 10 minutes. Upon reaching your turn, you will be given an application form where you’ll need to fill in all the given details. And then you can proceed to complete the payment. Applicant must pay AED 300 for replacement of lost ID. You can get an express ID replacement service for an extra AED 150. It will take you approx. 9 minutes to complete the transaction process and you’ll receive your card within 24 hours.  You will need to go to the center and personally collect your card.

Applying through Typing centers:

The process of applying for a replacement of your lost Emirates ID remains the same as the Customer Happiness Centre. In addition of the AED 300 fees for replacement of Emirates ID you must pay AED 70 for application fees when applying through typing centers. Once you’re done with the application and payment process, you will receive an SMS regarding the status of your application with an expected delivery date. Applications done through typing centers usually take 5 days to complete. The card will be then delivered to you through the accredited delivery service company.

Applying through the ICP website/Mobile app:

You can visit the official ICP website for online forms to replace your Emirates ID. Similarly, the ICP UAE app also allows you to submit the application form and proceed with the request.

To apply through the e-forms follow these steps-

• Go to the ICP website/ open the app

• Find the Replace ID card service and click on Start Service

• Login in with your credentials

• Click on replace Emirates ID

• Provide the documents and information required

• Proceed to pay the fees- AED 300 for replacement of card + AED 40 for e-form

•  You will then receive an SMS stating the status of your application

It will take you 5 days to complete the process and receive your card. The card will be delivered to you via the accredited delivery service company.

Losing your Emirates ID inside UAE

If you lose your Emirates ID while you’re in UAE, then you can follow the procedure and steps mentioned above. You can also inform about losing your Emirates ID at your nearby police station and get an acknowledgment letter for the same. You’ll need to pay AED 70 at the police station for the letter. After receiving an acknowledgment letter, you can visit the nearby official typing centers/ Customer Happiness Centers or apply online by following the steps mentioned above.

Losing your Emirates ID outside UAE

If you’ve lost your Emirates ID outside UAE, then you must immediately visit the UAE Embassy in that region and file your complaint. Once you’ve informed the UAE embassy you can apply for a new card online as per the procedure mentioned above or visit the official typing centers when you are back in the UAE.

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