Mango Mania: Unmissable Events Across UAE

Mango Mania: Unmissable Events Across UAE

The UAE is abuzz with excitement as several varieties of mangoes from different countries, including India, Pakistan, and Yemen, have recently arrived in the country. Prices for these delectable fruits range from Dh4 per kilogram to Dh620 for two Miyazaki mangoes weighing 800 grams. More varieties are anticipated to land in the coming months, ensuring the continuation of the mango mania.

Festivals celebrating the king of fruits have kicked off, offering visitors a chance to indulge in various mango-based treats, learn recipes, and win prizes through exciting giveaways. Here are the major mango festivals happening in the UAE:

Connecting Hearts – Mangolicious Way by Pakistan Association Dubai

  • Dates: July 5-6
  • Location: Pakistan Association Dubai premises in Oud Metha
  • Highlights:
    • The first day is invite-only, while the second day is open to the general public.
    • A wide array of mango varieties from Pakistan.
    • Live cooking demonstrations featuring mango-based dishes.
    • Learning opportunities for incorporating mangoes into recipes.
    • Mango desserts, giveaways, shopping, magic shows, fun games, and competitions.

3rd Annual Mango Festival 2024 at Expo Khorfakkan

  • Dates: June 28-30
  • Location: Expo Khorfakkan
  • Highlights:
    • Display of local mango varieties.
    • Several competitions with prizes, including:
        • Mango Mazayna (Beauty Contest): Open to mangoes produced in participants' own farms or home gardens.
        • Most Beautiful Mango Basket: Exclusive to women, requiring handmade baskets and mangoes produced locally this year.
        • Best Artwork Contest for Children: Open to children aged 8-12, featuring mango-themed artwork such as models, paintings, or other creative forms.
    • Participation by agricultural companies, farmers, and productive families showcasing diverse fruit harvests.
    • Festival hours: Daily from 4:30 PM to 10 PM.

Mango Festival at President Hotel, Dubai

  • Duration: Until mid-July
  • Location: President Hotel, Dubai
  • Highlights:
    • Special mango menu available at two of its outlets.
    • Prices for mango dishes range from Dh24 to Dh49.

These festivals not only celebrate the deliciousness of mangoes but also foster community engagement through various activities, competitions, and learning experiences. Whether you are a mango aficionado or just looking for a fun outing, these events offer something for everyone to enjoy.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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