MoCCAE joins TRENDS Research Centre to strengthen climate and environmental sustainability goals

MoCCAE joins TRENDS Research Centre to strengthen climate and environmental sustainability goals

In a move to strengthen the nation’s climate and environmental sustainability goals, the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TRENDS Research and Advisory.

The agreement aims to enhance cooperation between the two entities in various sectors related to the environment, sustainability, and other shared interests. The goal is to strengthen the research competencies of the two organisations and establish clear fundamentals for a knowledge-based society capable of finding and deriving results, observing, and analysing the external environment, and identifying opportunities to outline a cleaner future through research and development.

Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Acting Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, signed the agreement at the Ministry's headquarters in Dubai.

Mohammed Al Nuaimi said the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is committed to enhancing cooperation with various entities and partners in the UAE and globally to drive its strategy of developing climate and environmental work. This is to contribute to the UAE’s climate action and environmental commitments to significantly reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate neutrality goals by 2050, in addition to enhancing biological diversity and national food security.

He said,

"Research is critical to understanding the challenges and opportunities and identifying climate and environmental policies to achieve our strategic goals. During the Year of Sustainability and in the run-up to hosting COP28, it is important to highlight the UAE's climate action model. Our cooperation with TRENDS is an important step in enhancing environmental and climate research."

He praised the efforts of the TRENDS Research and Advisory, the quality of its publications, and its effectiveness in strengthening scientific research, in addition to its specialisation in several fields.

Dr. Mohammed Al Ali said TRENDS seeks to enhance its partnerships to build comprehensive knowledge and contribute to addressing future needs. He said the field of climate and environment is an important part of the interests of TRENDS. The center works within a vision to keep support COP28, through its activities and scientific conferences, in addition to follow-ups and activities through its daily work.

He said the synergies between the Ministry and TRENDS in scientific and practical research could result in realistic and scientific results that enhance the capabilities of both entities to serve the nation and the community.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and TRENDS focuses on areas of research and studies, in addition to forecasts, opinion polls, the exchange of scientific publications and experts, and participating in scientific and research events organised by both organisations.

The MoU also aims to promote cooperation in several areas that benefit the community, including joint research on climate and environment, and contributing to research reports.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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