MoHAP hosts workshop on climate change, health vulnerability and adaptation assessment

MoHAP hosts workshop on climate change, health vulnerability and adaptation assessment

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has hosted a training workshop on climate change and health vulnerability, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Regional Office and other government agencies in the UAE.

Held in Dubai, the workshop focused on the mechanisms and procedures required to assess the health impacts of air pollution, providing an invaluable learning environment for attendees.

Participants were part of several group exercises, to measure and assess the vulnerability of health to climate change, evaluate current response and adaptation strategies within the health sector, and formulate a Health National Adaptation Plan (HNAP) in cooperation with the WHO.

As an interactive platform, the workshop allowed participants to deepen their understanding of the health implications of climate change, identify effective adaptation measures, and develop appropriate capacities.

The main themes explored included a review of the latest scientific evidence and the creation of frameworks and methodologies for measuring health's impact on climate change.

Additionally, the workshop provided insights on assessing climate-related risks, identifying priority intervention areas, strengthening the health systems' response capacity, and improving intersectoral cooperation and coordination for effective adaptation to climate change.

Supporting International Efforts

In his keynote speech, Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Public Health Sector, emphasised that the UAE is committed to bolstering international efforts in the field of health vulnerability assessment in the context of climate change. We are eager to assess the existing response and adaptation options within the health sector, to develop a comprehensive Health National Adaptation Plan (HNAP).

“This initiative aligns seamlessly with the ministry's previous efforts, including our instrumental role in launching the UAE National Framework for Action on Climate Change and Health 2019-2021. This framework was developed in partnership with the WHO and through close cooperation with other relevant government agencies within our UAE. As we gather for this workshop, one of our primary objectives is to provide updates and enhancements to this framework.”

Al Rand said.

During the workshop, the ministry highlighted the commitments of the UAE's health sector and the notable strides made by MoHAP in this domain. The workshop encompassed several assessments using the WHO’s tools to gauge health vulnerability to climate change and adaptation measures.

It also provided hands-on training on the methodologies and mechanisms for developing plans for vulnerability assessment, capability enhancement, and adaptation, culminating in the creation of the HNAP.

This plan adheres to WHO guidelines and the specified operational framework to modernise the nation's framework on climate change and its impact on health.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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