New Attraction Alert in the UAE: Chinatown Opens in Dubai Mall

New Attraction Alert in the UAE: Chinatown Opens in Dubai Mall

Chinatown. You’ve most definitely heard of it once in your life, and most of you probably even know what it is, but have any of you visited one? From New York to London and more, fragments of Chinatown have been present everywhere for years, or even decades, sharing its rich culture and heritage with people from all over the world. Everywhere but here, in Dubai. Well, that was the case at least until September 23, 2023.

Dubai Mall, already known as one of the world’s most frequented shopping destinations is going to get a whole lot busier with the unveiling of its newest attraction: Chinatown. Situated on the first floor, opposite the Dubai Ice Rink, this fresh new addition provides direct access to the Address Fountain Views, connecting people to a panoramic experience.

As you step into Chinatown through an intricately engraved golden gate, you will immediately be transported to what feels like the vibrant streets of East Asia. The design captures the essence of the Orient, with its meticulous architecture, diverse fabrics, rich colors, and aromatic scents. This section of the mall aims to present visitors with an authentic Asian experience, mirroring the unique energy found in neighborhoods across the world that house Chinese communities.

Visually, Chinatown is a spectacle. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a magnificent panda statue. As one meanders through the space, one can encounter a traditional Chinese home, highlighted by a resplendent golden dragon statue. The entire space is woven with elements designed to awe. There's a corridor adorned with neon lights, inspired by the lively streets of Asian metropolises like Kowloon in Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese lanterns embellish the area, adding to its enchantment.

One of Chinatown's standout features is its highly photogenic nature. Almost every nook and cranny is crafted to be "Instagrammable". Whether it's the hanging Chinese lanterns, the neon street signs reminiscent of busy Asian nights, or the colossal panda and dragon statues, there's ample opportunity for visitors to capture memorable moments.

Though the majority of the shops within this enclave are yet to open their doors to the public, a few are already welcoming customers. These include several notable Chinese brands, with some making their debut in the UAE.

Let's take a spin through Chinatown? Let's take a spin through Chinatown!


Hippo Box

HIPPOBOX stands out as the premier Asian food supermarket in the United Arab Emirates. Upholding its values of "customer-centricity" and emphasizing "customer satisfaction," the store offers warm service and a comprehensive shopping experience. With a diverse range of over 5,000 products, from foods to daily essentials, HIPPOBOX caters to various customer needs.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: +971 50 110 4711


Their largest Middle East flagship store stands as a testament to Xiaomi's commitment to bringing top-tier technology and service to its customers.

China's leading tech powerhouse, focuses on consumer electronics and smart manufacturing, centralizing around smartphones and an IoT platform. Upholding the ethos of fostering user relationships and aiming to be the user-favorite company, they prioritize innovation, quality, and efficiency.

For those keen to immerse themselves in what Xiaomi offers, a visit to this store promises guidance from trained professionals and a firsthand look at their cutting-edge products.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: +971 4 286 1320


ftNFT, a pioneering NFT platform, has launched a one-of-a-kind phygital store in Dubai Mall, blending the realms of physical and digital galleries. This revolutionary space in the heart of Chinatown provides visitors with a hands-on approach to the NFT universe.

Here, enthusiasts can effortlessly purchase NFTs via dedicated terminals using credit cards, delve into the phygital art world, and even avail themselves of full-body 3D scanning experiences, among other offerings.

Founded in 2022 and operating under the Fastex ecosystem by SoftConstruct, ftNFT also boasts an NFT marketplace supporting transactions in multiple cryptocurrencies.

The Dubai Mall store serves as a vivid representation of ftNFT's dedication to cultivating a dynamic community of artists, collectors, and traders, acting as a connector between the physical and digital dimensions of art.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: 800 38224 6255


Ying Ji Restaurant

A destination for dim sum lovers, Ying Ji serves both har gao (shrimp dumplings) and shui mai (chicken and scallop dumplings). Also on offer are pan-fried M7-grade wagyu beef buns, which are a delightful mix of crisp and soft textures with a flavorful beef filling.

Location: Ground Floor, Chinatown

Contact: +971 4 280 3990

Golden Joy Express

Also located in Dubai International City, Golden Joy Express is renowned for its authentic Chinese cuisine. Some must-try dishes here include dim sum, crispy Peking duck, and kung pao chicken. If you're in the mood for traditional Chinese delicacies, this place is a must-visit.

Location: Chinatown Foodcourt

Contact: 800 38224 6255

Haidilao Hot Pot

Originating from Sichuan, Haidilao is a prominent hot pot chain, renowned for its authentic Chinese fare and interactive dining. You can order a variety of ingredients to cook in a simmering pot of seasoned broth. Their specialty includes hand-pulled noodles that come with an entertaining dance show. It's less about gourmet dining and more about a fun, communal eating experience.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: +971 4 221 7445

Hawker Chan

This kiosk in Chinatown brings the flavor of Singapore's beloved street food to Dubai. While the soya sauce chicken rice is their signature dish, the Dubai version might differ from the original. However, with 30 years of culinary expertise backing it, you can expect some tantalizing dishes on the menu from Hawker CHan.

Location: Chinatown Foodcourt

Contact: 800 38224 6255


Known for its artisanal tea and traditional Chinese brewing techniques, KOI Thé also offers a unique take on bubble tea. A must-try here is the golden bubble milk tea.

Location: Chinatown Foodcourt

Contact: +971 54 336 2038

1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle

A foodie spot with a century-old secret recipe, Lanzhou Beef Noodle brings a taste of northwest China to Dubai. Their hand-pulled beef noodles are a must-try, delivering a flavorful and aromatic experience. Their goal is to share the rich heritage of Chinese noodle traditions with the global community.

Location: Chinatown Foodcourt

Contact: 800 38224 6255

Nine Squares Restaurant

Recognized for its communal hotpot dining in other UAE locations, Nine Squares in Chinatown offers a quicker, grab-and-go style. Here, diners can choose from a range of broths and customize their meal with a variety of ingredients. Their fried beef strips are flavorful and a recommended snack.

Location: Chinatown Foodcourt

Contact: +971 4 362 7500

Upcoming Eateries in Chinatown Dubai Mall:

  • Bai Sui Wo Jia Suan Cai Yu
  • Dagu Rice Noodle
  • Family Dumpling
  • Gao Xiao Shan Pie
  • Go Bou
  • Heyhong Bibimbap
  • Hong Kong Yuebei
  • Luckin Spring Chinese Pastry
  • Rihuaxuan
  • The Braised Shop
  • Zheng Dong Dan Dan Noodle

This culinary journey through Chinatown in Dubai Mall is sure to satiate your taste buds and offer an array of choices from quick bites to immersive dining experiences. With more restaurants gearing up to open, the gastronomic adventure is only set to expand.


Bodhi Thai Massage Center

With certified experts straight from Thailand's prestigious institutions, Bodhi Thai Massage Center is as real as it gets when it comes to expertise in Thai massage. The professionals aren't just trained; they come with over 10 years of hands-on experience and the stamp of a DHA medical license.

Ready for some authentic Thai relaxation? Whether you've got some pesky muscle knots or just need to balance out that energy, this place has got your back. Quite literally.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: +971 58 538 7888

Yinyang Connection Spa Platinum

Yinyang Massage Center operates on traditional Chinese medicine principles, aiming to restore balance and harmony in the body.

At Yinyang Platinum Spa, visitors are immersed in a serene environment, enhanced by essential oils and calming music. The opulent setting is crafted for relaxation and rejuvenation.

They offer a diverse range of massages including Thai, Lymphatic drainage, Anti-cellulite, Shiatsu, and their Signature massage among others. Yinyang provides an ideal retreat for those seeking a luxurious respite from daily stresses.

Location: First Floor, Chinatown

Contact: 800 38224 6255

In essence, Chinatown at the Dubai Mall offers a blend of cultural immersion and modern aesthetic appeal. It's a space where the rich heritage of East Asia meets the dynamic energy of Dubai, creating an experience that's both authentic and contemporary.

Whether for shopping, dining or simply reveling in the ambiance, Chinatown stands as a compelling reason for another visit to the Dubai Mall.

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