'One Billion Followers Summit' turns platform for global influencers networking

'One Billion Followers Summit' turns platform for global influencers networking

The One Billion Followers Summit will kick off tomorrow in Atlantis Dubai hosting more than 100 influencers and content creators from around the world.

Influencers followed by billion people will share their knowledge and experiences in the world’s largest event of its kind.

More than 3000 people, 200 CEOs, more than 300 international companies specialized in creating content, in addition to more than 100 international agencies working in this field will be attending the summit which will include in its 2 days agenda a series of workshops and discussions.

A number of international companies will be present in the Summit, such as Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Etihad Airways, Nas Daily, Vice, Monk-E, Digisay, Finnet Media, One Digital Entertainment, WebTV Asia, and Warner Bros Discovery.

Alia Al Hammadi, CEO of the New Media Academy, highlighted the importance of social media in leading the process of development around the world, noting that social media platforms have become an essential part of media in all its forms.

Al Hammadi said,

“The One Billion Followers Summit falls under the New Media Academy, which aims at educating and qualifying the new generation in the field of media and digital content through a wide range of programmes, events and workshops.

“Based on its mission to prepare experts and managers in communication within the government and private sectors, the New Media Academy aims through this Summit to provide tools needed by participants to help them develop their capabilities in order to enhance their career opportunities and paths."

Al Hammadi emphasised that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the New Media Academy as a platform of content creation and education aiming at spearheading the presence of Emiratis and Arabs into the digital sphere across social media platforms.

She highlighted the continuous efforts made by the Academy to consolidate meaningful educational, cultural, social and entertainment content that contributes to the path of progress and success, and enhances the UAE's leading position as an international hub of talents and innovators and a global centre for the purposeful media industry and attracting influencers and prominent international personalities in this field.

The summit will consist of a number of workshops and discussions as well as a series of main sessions. It will be attended by a group of well-known personalities in the world, who had a prominent role in creating content and influencing global opinion through social media platforms.

During the Summit, Nuseir Yassin, CEO and Founder of Nas Company, will be talking about content creators and how they will conquer the world.

Matthew Patrick, known as MatPat on YouTube, will sum up 10 years of content creation in just 20 minutes.

More than 40 Arab and international influencers and content creators will be participating in the sessions, workshops and discussions of the first day.

The agenda also includes a distinguished participation of the TikToker Mai, known as Mai and Mama Wafa, as well as Abdullah Annan; Ahmed Sharif; Omar Al Heloo; Nasser Alaqeel; and Maitha Mohamed (@mythjourney). The Kuwaiti content creator Issa Alhabib will be participating as a moderator.

The programme will include a series of main sessions during which a group of influencers and global content creators will talk about the tools and ways that make you a transcontinental star, and how to get started and attract the first follower.

The first day includes 3 workshops, dealing with a series of prominent topics in the field of creating content on social media, and how to positively influence global public opinion on various important issues, including education, finance and others.

During the One Billion Followers Summit, the attendees will get the chance to participate in a series of sessions dealing with creating meaningful and sustainable content, and the skills required to ensure continuity in work across various social media platforms, as well as the most prominent methods and tools required to create successful and influential videos.

The second day of the summit includes more than 20 sessions during which a number of influencers and specialists in the world of content creation will speak, including the influencer and entrepreneur Karen Wazen; Layla Tamim; Muhammad Orfali; Eman Sobhi; Zaina Khaled; Ahmed El-Ghandour; Alaa Wardi; Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley; and Jordan Matter, a creator who tells stories through pictures.

Eli Yonas, Head of CEE/MEA Reality Labs Developer Partnerships at Meta; Anas Marwah; Ahmed Al-Marzouki; Abdullah Al-Bandar; Saif Al-Dahab; Tariq Yassin; Fred Chong, Viraj Seth, Gurpreet Singh, and Hussein Al-Atoli, in addition to a group of prominent stars on social media and influencers, are also participating.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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