Penalties for promoting unlicensed medical products explained

Penalties for promoting unlicensed medical products explained

The UAE Public Prosecution (PP) explained today, through posts on its social media accounts, the penalties for promoting medical products without license on the world wide web.

According to Article 49 of the Federal Decree-Law No 34 of 2021, for Combating Rumors and E-Crimes,

any person who creates, manages, or supervises a website or publishes information on the world wide web, or by any means of information technology for the promotion or sale of medical products that are unlicensed in the UAE, or that are an imitation of licensed medical products, shall be sentenced to detention and a fine, or one of these two penalties.

This post is part of the Public Prosecution's continuous efforts to enhance legal culture among members of the community and increase their awareness about the latest legislation in the country.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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