Samsung's Next-Generation System AC Products are Now Available in the UAE

Samsung's Next-Generation System AC Products are Now Available in the UAE

The 4Way Cassette AC with WindFree cooling and 360 Bladeless design are providing cooler and more comfortable air conditioning and enhancing countless interiors through innovation.

Samsung Gulf Electronics has announced that its world-class System Air Conditioning (AC) products are available for commercial customers in the UAE. Specially designed to boost operations for real estate, architect, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) companies, Samsung’s innovative Split Air conditioners, the 4Way Cassette AC with WindFree cooling and 360 Cassette AC Bladeless design, have succeeded in maintaining cool and comfortable environments and matching a host of interior designs thanks to its capabilities and advanced technologies.

Ali Al Zein, Head of System AC division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said:

“At Samsung, our vision has always been to inspire the world with technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives. Creating a new future is important to us, and this is why we continuously drive innovation to break barriers in the tech world and introduce next-generation appliances. Personal and professional life are entwined. As such, we are equally committed to helping those we serve across the region’s commercial sector.”

An array of company directors, mechanical and HVAC engineers, designers, consultants, architects, and project managers have provided glowing reviews and responses concerning the next-generation appliances, pointing out their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering flawless results in every instance. Simple yet intuitive, the 4Way WindFree Cassette AC is an air conditioner like no other. Because it has lived up to its promise to provide powerful cooling with no direct wind, it has established itself as the perfect innovation to keep houses and offices cool and ensure everybody is comfortable.

As for the 360 Cassette AC, its futuristic circular design can match many interior designs, so it perfectly fits in everywhere. Furthermore, because it is bladeless, it softly disperses cool air across any room, so people are comfortably cool without ever experiencing the unpleasant feeling of a cold draft associated with traditional AC appliances.

“By welcoming products to the market that enhance operations and convenience, they are then used to deliver new meaning at home and work,” added Al Zein. “Air conditioning has always been a necessity, particularly considering the warmer climate in this part of the world. We are delighted with the success of our System AC products and look forward to providing further support, assistance, and inspiration.”

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