Iconic Italian Restaurant Signor Sassi opens in Dubai's St. Regis Gardens, Palm Jumeirah

Iconic Italian Restaurant Signor Sassi opens in Dubai's St. Regis Gardens, Palm Jumeirah

A mesmerizing interior that champions the Golden Age of Italian design, charming ambiance, and exquisite culinary menu – London’s most celebrated Italian restaurant is ready to welcome guests at St. Regis Gardens, Palm Jumeirah.

Signor Sassi, the iconic Italian restaurant brand that has captivated London with its simple yet authentic Italian cuisine and timeless ambiance, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its newest location at St. Regis Gardens, Palm Jumeirah. This marks a significant milestone as Signor Sassi extends its legacy to Dubai, continuing its tradition of excellence in Italian dining.

Since its inception in London in 1984, Signor Sassi has been celebrated as the "Jewel in the Crown of Italian Restaurants." However, this new establishment in Dubai aims to transcend culinary boundaries, redefining the Signor Sassi experience with its Sassi Style. Here, tradition meets innovation and elegance, while passion infuses every aspect of the journey, embracing the essence of classic Italy with a modern twist.

Signor Sassi exudes style and sophistication. Intricate Italian detailing, an acute exploration of space, texture, and color speaks to the refined and unmistakably Italian design, which draws inspiration from the luxurious villas surrounding Lake Como.

Guests entering the venue are greeted with inevitable, warm Italian hospitality in a reception area that celebrates the elegance of the Art Deco era. As guests move on, past a custom-made wine cellar that flanks the hallway, they arrive at the beautiful, raised bar, decorated in hand-painted vases by local artisans in Sicily.

Stepping down into the dining room floor, the ambiance is reminiscent of the sprawling terraces and gardens that grace the Italian estates of Lake Como, enhanced further by the six grand pillars that separate the space. The palette is juxtaposed with dark woods and pastel tones, featuring details and finishes synonymous with the area, including a dark, emerald, green, and white Carrara marble, alongside highly polished, dark timbers, reminiscent of the luxury yachts found on the lake.

Fettle, the LA/ London boutique interior architecture and design firm, was handpicked to create this masterpiece. They have artfully combined classic Italian design elements with plush furniture embracing pastel tones, think pale pinks and greys, from various eras and styles, mirroring the way Italian villa owners have curated their homes over the years.

One of the standout features of Signor Sassi Dubai is its stunning chandeliers, inspired by classic Murano chandeliers traditionally made in Venice. The chairs pay homage to mid-century Italian dining chairs, aligning seamlessly with the Golden Age of Italian design.

Lush foliage has been thoughtfully introduced into the interior to soften the space and connect it with the outdoor terrace. At the heart of the restaurant stands a flourishing olive tree flown in from Puglia, a symbol synonymous with Italy. Curved, Tuscan-sun-yellow booths surround it, creating a unique dining-under-the-olive-tree experience for guests.

The intimate and carefully designed layout of the restaurant provides an open and inviting atmosphere. The entire restaurant is visible from the bar, and guests can choose to dine comfortably in booths or the enoteca all surrounded by atmospheric greenery.

In addition to the spectacular indoor dining experience, Signor Sassi will feature a sprawling terrace with a fountain that will be unveiled soon, ensuring a delightful outdoor dining experience.

Of course, Signor Sassi is not just about ambiance; it's also about exceptional food and state-of-the-art cocktails. Signor Sassi embraces the essence of Italian cuisine, celebrating its rich history and timeless elegance, where tradition meets innovation and passion is infused into every dish. The meticulously crafted menu is a testament to their commitment to excellence, taking guests on a true gastronomic journey. The kitchen is graced with only the finest and freshest produce, sourced with care to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Their talented chefs – true masters of their craft – skillfully transform these ingredients into culinary masterpieces, leaving diners craving for more. The portions here are generous, with an a la carte menu offering a symphony of flavours to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Unforgettable signature dishes include Lobster "alla catalana," Spaghettini Lobster, Bernardo Salad with Avocado & Lobster, Veal Milanese with Potato Sticks, Lemon Sole "alla Carlo" and Braised Beef Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes. Elsewhere, guests will find premium Crudi such as Caviar, Oysters, and an opulent Royal Seafood Tower. Plus, Antipasti, Insalate (salads), Signor Sassi specials, Dal Pescatore (fish), Dal Macellaio (meat), Zuppe (soups), Pasta and Risotti, and Pizza. The culinary team also caters to vegetarians and pescatarians, ensuring a delightful experience for all discerning palates. And when it comes to desserts, Signor Sassi Dubai truly shines with its spectacular items. Guests can indulge in the exquisite homemade tiramisu or savour the decadent homemade pistachio gelato served with brioche, a Sicilian twist that will transport diners to the heart of Italy.

Meanwhile, the cocktail menu features classics like the Signor Negroni, infused with basil and yellow tomatoes, and the Diamond Martini, known for its bitter complexity, all inspired by different regions of Italy. Wine connoisseurs will also be delighted with an extensive wine list showcasing the best of Italian wines, champagnes, and beyond.

Adding to the vibrant lifestyle element, Signor Sassi will feature a DJ from Thursday to Saturday, enriching the evening dining experience, while occasional live entertainment will surprise and delight guests with an unforgettable Sassi Style experience.

Be among the first to experience the Italian excellence of Signor Sassi in Dubai. For the first month, the restaurant will be open for dinner service only from 6 pm to 2 am (last order at 11:45 pm), with all-day dining available from October onwards.

Reservations are open and can be made by visiting the website, via email at, or by phone at +971 4 278 4848.

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