Social House is set to reopen with a reimagined social dining experience at the Dubai Mall

Social House is set to reopen with a reimagined social dining experience at the Dubai Mall

The highly anticipated revival and reopening of Social House and yet another experiential F&B concept by ANOTHER, an F&B entity under AlAbbar Enterprises Group- is due to open in early October in Dubai Mall.

Set to welcome visitors after a break, during which Social House underwent a grand reimagining - the venue is back to deliver a more enriching and robust social dining experience.

On a mission to redefine the essence of socializing through its captivating ambience and gastronomy, Social House presents a holistic dining experience, complete with a pizza bar, café & mocktail bar, and the Chef’s Sushi Table where guests can witness the art of culinary mastery in person and experience international comfort foods.

Social House warmly welcomes guests with its captivating live Pizza Bar, drawing them in with a mesmerizing sight of an expansive wood-fire oven and bustling energy at the centre of the venue - a place where 20 authentic Italian wood-fire pizzas can be baked at the same time. Offering diners an immersive experience with their pizzas from start to finish, guests have firsthand the spectacle of pizza creation.

Underscoring Social House’s commitment to creating unforgettable, holistic encounters for its guests, the venue’s revival has also unveiled a Chef’s Sushi Table, where the art and science of sushi-making and authentic Japanese cuisine take centre stage. Guests gather around the bar on plush seats or kauntaa-seki as the chefs showcase their mastery of their craft, live.

In its pursuit of crafting enchanting moments and meticulous attention to detail, Social House embellishes its counters with modern Kanji characters, infusing an authentic ambiance that transports guests to a genuine Japanese dining experience. To make the experience more enriching, the sushi is crafted using the finest quality ingredients, and the freshest fish and seafood are flown in from Japan.

Offering the perfect setting for both tranquil moments and social gatherings,  Social House’s Café and Mocktail Bar is the perfect destination. This versatile area is designed to serve guests seeking a caffeine fix, soothing mocktails, or a place to celebrate those special moments, making it an ideal choice for various occasions. A testament to the restaurant's dedication to fostering social connections, the Cafe and Mocktail Bar is a place where everyone comes to unwind and make happy memories. Located at Social House’s enclosed terrace space with secret garden vibes, it leads guests to the spacious outdoor terrace with incredible views of the iconic fountains and the majestic Burj Khalifa.

Every section within Social House is designed to immerse all the senses. Catering to every mood and occasion, Social House offers an incredible 360-degree holistic social dining experience and brings the East and West together by sharing Indonesian, Japanese, and Italian dishes along with international comfort foods, giving the cosmopolitan citizens of the UAE a distinct taste of the world.

Offering cult-favorite items like tonnarelli carbonara, nasi goreng, baked truffle chicken & more and winning Social Stand Outs such as crispy salmon rice, porcini, and crispy potato chicken, bone marrow pie, slow-cooked beef cheeks, crockpot truffle chicken created with braised chicken, and miso wagyu donburi made with A5+ wagyu beef.

Each fare has an artistic and elevated presentation and guests will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive experiences with the chefs who craft their meals as they come to their tables for more personable encounters its lush Indonesian-inspired interiors, from soothing green spaces to muted interiors calm the senses, making it the perfect place to mingle.

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