Dubai Harbour introduces floating waste collector drone

Dubai Harbour introduces floating waste collector drone

Dubai Harbour Marinas has announced the introduction of the UAE’s first-ever PixieDrone.

Fitted with a video camera and remote sensing Lidar technology, the PixieDrone can access small areas and spaces, as it helps sort waste including organic waste, plastics, glass, metal, paper, cloth, rubber, and more.

It has a 160-litre collection capacity, with up to six hours of operation in autonomous mode. It is also fully compatible with salt water and fresh water.

A mark of technological innovation and efficiency, the floating waste collector operates as a remote-controlled autonomous drone that identifies debris on the water’s surface, intercepts it, and stores it in an expansive collection tank to be discarded by other means.

Its integration into Dubai Harbour becomes a supporting asset for clearing clutter and unattended waste across the UAE’s waters and shores.

Introduced by The Searial Cleaners, a French company, the drone is approximately 1.62 metres long by 1.15 metres wide and is relatively compact when compared to other clean-up robots.

News Source: Gulf Business

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