"The National" Trains Young Arab Media Leaders in Professional Skills

"The National" Trains Young Arab Media Leaders in Professional Skills

The fourth edition of the Young Arab Media Leaders Programme hosted Mina Al-Oraibi, editor-in-chief of "The National" newspaper, in a special session to train 50 Arab media talents from 17 Arab countries the arts of conducting press interviews and obtaining information in a professional manner.

Along with Joe Jenks, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The National, Al-Oraibi presented a workshop that included a practical simulation of field interviews. She spoke with the participants about her experience in field work and press interviews, which spanned for more than 15 years covering Middle East, European and American news.

Mina Al-Oraibi, Editor-in-Chief of The National newspaper, said, "I am always pleased to be at the Young Arab Media Leaders Program, and to talk to this generation of young media professionals about the most prominent challenges and ideas that occupy their minds while practicing their media work."

She also presented realistic examples about the importance of highlighting the human side in daily journalistic work, especially when dealing with difficult and complex cases, the importance of preparing for interviews and being prepared to obtain valuable information that contributes to creating useful news for the public.

In addition, she presented a set of challenges facing journalist's work and the tools available to overcome them by continuing to develop skills and adhere to professional standards.

Launched earlier this week, the program will continue over the coming days to benefit from the youth pavilion at the Expo, as it provides participants with the opportunity to communicate with more than 190 countries from diverse backgrounds and cultures to acquire skills that open up more opportunities for them in the labor market and also to contribute to enhancing their career paths in their current positions.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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