Top 4 European Programmes Offering Investors Easy Path to Permanent Residency in Europe

Top 4 European Programmes Offering Investors Easy Path to Permanent Residency in Europe

Many European countries currently offer residency in exchange for an investment either through the purchase of real estate or renting of property in addition to other options such as government bonds.

Greece, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus are some of the countries which offer the best programmes.

Availing any of these investment options automatically entitles the investor to a Golden Visa and European residency which grants them and their family ample benefits including the opportunity to live and work in Europe, access to world-class education systems, tax benefits as well as earns them highly rewarding business opportunities.

Applying to one of the available European permanent residency (PR) programmes gives an investor or wealthy individual access to a high standard of living in Europe as well as to first-class health and education systems in addition to easy visa free travel to all Schengen countries and many more.

One of the easiest ways to obtain a powerful second passport or residency is by investing in real estate through buying property in the country in exchange for a Golden Visa or residency card.

This is a preferred approach as it not only allows the chance to expand an investor’s asset base and benefit from annual rental return, it also offers a second home or a vacation house to enjoy with family.

However, citizenship by investment programmes are not offered by all European countries. Here is an overview of the top four European programmes where investors and high-net-worth individuals can obtain a permanent residency in Europe in an official and legal way.


Malta is considered an attractive location to live in and settle given its appealing climate and excellent quality of life. Malta permanent residency programme allows investors to obtain a European residency within eight months only to benefit from the advantageous tax environment, unlimited business opportunities in addition to other benefits that include excellent healthcare and education systems in a politically stable and safe country. Investors and individuals can obtain their residency through property investment and government funds.


Portugal is a coastal European country that is attractive for investors to acquire a permanent residency because of the high quality of life it offers, its desirable climate, rich culture, and economic and political stability. Portugal allows investors and wealthy individuals to obtain a Golden Visa within six months with a minimum requirement of visiting the country a few days a year in return. As holders of the Portuguese permanent residency, not only will investors have a wide array of benefits that will elevate their standard of living, but they will also enjoy the ability to open up their business to all of Europe.


Not only does Greece have breathtaking views and unique islands to explore, it also offers one of the easiest programmes to get a permanent residency as it allows investors to obtain their European residency within six months and benefit from the option of opening a bank account in Greece as well as the chance to travel freely within the Schengen region.


Cyprus is a beautiful Mediterranean island that has amazing beaches as well as a relaxed ambiance and style of living. Cyprus offers investors the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency in three months through a fast-track programme. Investors will need to purchase a property in Cyprus as well as meet the minimum required annual income. This residency offers individuals, and their families benefits such as international education and healthcare at very high standards.

With any of these programmes, individuals and wealthy investors will no longer need to worry in general about the uncertainties arising in the world as well as specifically in the MENA region. On the contrary, they will get a chance to enjoy the freedom of movement through obtaining a powerful second passport or European residency and the ability to launch and operate their businesses with minimum risk in developed countries that are economically stable.

Residency by investment applications are subject to strict rules, security checks and strong due diligence set up by governments, and the only way to apply for citizenship or residency by investment is through a government approved and licensed agent.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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