Top Farms to Visit in the UAE

Top Farms to Visit in the UAE

Amidst the golden sands of Dubai and its neighbouring emirates, an agricultural revolution quietly thrives, weaving a story of resilience and ingenuity. From the ancient pearl farms that once dotted its coasts to the modern marvels of vertical farming, the UAE's agricultural landscape is as diverse as it is fascinating.

This land's farming roots can be traced back to the pearl divers and camel herders of old, who understood the delicate balance of life in a challenging environment. Today, that legacy is carried forward in an array of farming ventures. The UAE boasts not just traditional agriculture farms, but also unique camel farms, where these majestic creatures are not only bred but also celebrated as a vital part of Emirati heritage. Petting farms offer a family-friendly insight into rural life, allowing children and adults alike to interact with animals and learn about their care.

Yet, perhaps the most striking evolution in UAE's farming is the rise of vertical farms. In the face of environmental challenges like water scarcity, soil salinity, and extreme temperatures, these high-tech havens stand as testaments to the UAE's commitment to sustainable agriculture. They are not just farms; they are futuristic laboratories where plants grow in meticulously controlled environments, using a fraction of the water and space required by traditional farming.

This fusion of tradition and technology makes the farms of the UAE a must-visit for anyone seeking a break from the urban sprawl of Dubai. Offering more than just a peek into the country's agricultural practices, these farms are a gateway to understanding the UAE's deep connection with its land and its forward-thinking approach to preserving and celebrating it.

Uns Farms - Vertical Farming

Uns Farms UAE is a pioneering urban farm in Dubai, dedicated to creating a sustainable future in food production. As the global population grows, they focus on providing high-quality, farm-fresh produce right in the heart of the city. This approach helps ensure fresh and healthy food options are readily available, while also supporting local communities and promoting sustainability.

Their farming method, known as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), perfectly mimics a plant's natural growing conditions. This results in exceptionally healthy and tasty produce. Uns Farms specializes in growing a variety of produce like microgreens, salad lettuces, edible flowers, and herbs, all of which are free from pesticides and grown with minimal environmental impact.

The key to their success is vertical farming combined with hydroponic irrigation. This innovative technique allows them to grow a wide range of produce locally, even in the UAE's arid conditions. It also means their products travel fewer "food miles", keeping them fresh and nutritious.

Uns Farms' indoor vertical farming enables them to produce high-quality vegetables throughout the year. They use advanced LED lighting and hydroponics to create the perfect growing conditions, ensuring a constant supply of fresh produce.

Their location in Dubai allows them to quickly deliver their produce to various businesses, making the city a part of the food production process. This approach not only ensures fresh produce for consumers but also contributes to a healthier environment.

Location: 4th Street, Al Qouz 4, Dubai

Contact: +971 52 44 55 066


Emirates Bio Farm

Emirates Bio Farm, established in 2016 as the largest organic farm in the UAE is driven by a mission to contribute to a secure and sustainable food system, promoting healthy living and environmental conservation, while offering genuine, certified organic food to the market.

The farm is committed to environmentally friendly practices, growing over 60 varieties of products organically in the desert. They use sustainable farming methods like crop rotation and natural pest control, ensuring their crops are free from chemicals. This approach not only produces healthier food but also helps preserve the environment.

Education is a key part of Emirates Bio Farm's mission. They use agri-tourism to teach people about the impact of their food choices on the environment. The farm offers tours and experiences to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a deeper connection with nature.

By operating as an integrated farm, Emirates Bio Farm contributes to the UAE's food security. They focus on making organic food affordable and accessible, reducing the need for imported produce. This also includes a seed library to support regional independence in food production.

Choosing their organic produce means avoiding the chemicals in commercially grown food, getting more nutrients, helping to preserve ecosystems, and supporting local farming that results in fresher, tastier produce.

Visitors can enjoy the farm's Visitor Center, which includes a farm shop and restaurant, The Farmer's Table, serving healthy, organic meals made from freshly harvested ingredients. The farm is a great destination for various events and offers a range of organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Location: Al Shuwaib, Al Ain

Contact: +971 3 783 8422

The Camel Farm

The Camel Farm in Dubai is a serene oasis of relaxation and cultural immersion. It's a place where visitors can escape the hustle of the city, relax with a karak, and enjoy the beauty of the desert. The farm offers various activities including petting farm animals, camel rides, and stargazing to the sound of an oud. It's not only a great place for adults to unwind but also an educational experience for kids, teaching them to love and care for animals.

The farm also serves as a hub for celebrating Emirati and Khaleeji culture. Through art exhibitions, workshops, live music, lectures, and food journeys, it actively promotes local customs and traditions, welcoming new ideas to connect visitors with the region's heritage.

Sustainability is a key focus. The Camel Farm is built for energy efficiency, minimizing waste of water, food, and electricity, showing a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.

Respect for local wildlife is paramount, as the farm is located within the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, home to gazelles, oryxes, and other desert animals. The farm operates with a deep respect for these creatures, ensuring minimal disturbance to their habitat.

Visitors can enjoy close encounters with friendly camels, and there are also goats, rabbits, chickens, deer, turkeys, and pigeons for the little ones to meet. General admission is AED 30 for those above 3 years, with free entry for younger children and discounts for those above 65. Additional experiences like guided tours, animal feeding, camel rides, and camel hugging therapy are available at varied prices, with tailored packages for events and groups upon request.

Location: Along the Dubai Road E77 northbound, between D63-Al Qudra Rd and E66-Al Ain Rd

Contact: +971 50 485 7676 (Whatsapp)


Suwaidi Pearls - Pearl Farming

The Suwaidi Pearls pearl farm, established in 2004 by Mr. Abdulla Rashed Al Suwaidi, represents a significant milestone as the world's first Arabian Pearl farm. It marks the resurgence of Arabian Pearls in the region, bridging the gap between the historic natural pearl industry and today's cultured pearls.

Suwaidi Pearls is not just a farm but an educational center that opens its doors to the public, offering a unique insight into the cultural heritage of pearling. Visitors can explore the natural lagoon and learn about the biodiversity of the area, which is a haven of natural beauty and tranquillity.

The farm offers an immersive experience into the ancient Pearl trade, including the history of early explorers in the Gulf and legends of Arabian Pearls. It delves into various aspects of the pearling industry, such as the science behind pearl creation, the role of oysters in the ecosystem, methods of farming oysters, the life of a pearl diver, different roles on a pearling boat, and the ethical traditions of pearl traders.

Abdulla Rashed Al Suwaidi, a descendant of original pearl divers, founded Suwaidi Pearls to preserve and showcase this vital part of Arabian culture and history. The farm provides a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the intricate balance between nature and human skill in sustainable pearl farming.

Location: Al Rams St, Al Rams, Ras al Khaimah

Contact: +971 50 773 6086

Kids Farm at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park offers a delightful experience for families at the Kids Farm, where visitors, especially children, can meet and interact with a range of friendly farmyard animals and birds. The Kids' Farm is an exciting blend of a farm and a petting zoo, allowing guests to feed and touch various animals.

Some of the animals at the Kids' Farm include Sheep, Donkey, Pony, Goats, Ducks, and a variety of Birds. The farm also features a special Aviary where children can feed different birds, enhancing their interactive experience. Dubai Safari Park staff conduct educational tours, providing valuable information about the farm animals and the birds in the Aviary.

Location: Dubai Safari Park

Contact: +971 50 773 6086

The Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center

The Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center, established in 2018 under H.H. Engr. Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, is a unique facility in the MENA region. Located amidst the Al-Hajar mountains, it spans 16,000 square meters and houses 300 of their beehives. The center offers tours, workshops, and hands-on projects, helping visitors learn about honeybees and the importance of their preservation.

The Hatta Honeybee Garden operates daily from 9 am to 5 pm, with tickets priced at AED 50 per person. No booking is required. However, children under 3 years are not permitted on tours and all visitors must wear masks during their visit.

Location: Al Fay Road, Hatta, Dubai

Contact: +971 56 499 6405

These farms not only offer unique experiences and learning opportunities but also play a crucial role in preserving the nation's agricultural heritage and promoting environmental stewardship.

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