UAE: How to Replace Lost, Damaged Passports of Citizens

UAE: How to Replace Lost, Damaged Passports of Citizens

Applicants must verify and review the phone number, email, and delivery method in the electronic form

A video of an Emirati man praising the efficiency of Dubai Airport officials after they renewed his passport in eight minutes went viral last week. The man was at the Dubai International Airport when he realised his passport was about to expire. The airport officials promptly renewed his passport in less than 10 minutes, leaving the Emirati man impressed and expressing pride in the seamless operation. However, UAE citizens can get a replacement of their passports in four simple steps.

Emiratis can easily get a new passport through the official website or the smart application of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs, and Port Security.

The process involves four steps, ensuring a streamlined experience for citizens seeking passport replacement services. If all the documents and data submitted are correct and the fees paid, the expected time to complete the process is around 48 hours.

Follow the 4 easy steps below:

Digital channels (website/smart application):

1. Register and create a personal account through Digital Identity (UAEPASS) or login to electronic services in case of pre-registration

2. Search for the service to be applied for. Select a passport issuing service, and then determine the reason for a passport replacement, e.g. lost, damaged or no pages left.

3. Fill in the application data, where applicable.

4. Pay the service fee (if any).

Through the customer happiness centre:

1. Visit the nearest Customer Happiness Center.

2. Get the automated turn ticket and wait.

3. Submit the application with all conditions and documents (if any) to the customer service employee.

4. Pay the service fee (if any).

Requirements in case of replacement for damaged passport

1. Photo with a white background. The personal photo must be 5.4 x 5.3 cm with a white background and clearly distinguishable facial features.

2. The damaged passport (original).

3. A report detailing the causes of the damage.

The passport holder must be present in the country when applying for replacement.

Those over the age of 15 must have their signature and fingerprint on their identity card.

Requirements in case of replacement for a lost passport

1. A personal photo.

2. Police certificate indicating a passport has been lost.


  • Dh300 plus VAT (5%).

Extra charge :

  • Knowledge Dirham: Dh10
  • Innovation Dirham: Dh10

Authorities stressed the need to verify the entered data, including the accuracy of the ID number and expiration date when submitting requests for renewal or replacement through the electronic form. It is advised to thoroughly review the information before proceeding with fee payment to prevent any potential delays in completing the transaction. Ensuring the precision of all entered details is crucial for swift and seamless processing within the stipulated timeframe.

Applicants must verify the phone number, email, and delivery method in the electronic form. All the data entered are subject to review and verification by the Federal Identity, Customs, and Port Security Board. Applicants must adhere to the specified guidelines and ensure the timely and accurate submission of all necessary information to avoid rejection and facilitate a smooth process.

If citizens damage or lose their passports abroad or if their passports have expired while being abroad, they can contact the UAE embassy in the country they are in.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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