New plan to empower UAE's students of determination in next 50 years

New plan to empower UAE's students of determination in next 50 years

The Ministry of Education (MoE) in UAE has laid out a plan to prepare and empower the students of determination during the next 50 years.

Some of the key initiatives that will be implemented in the first ten years include - empowering students of determination with various skills and competencies so they can be in leadership positions. Authorities to create a comprehensive file and electronic link for people of determination, qualifying and licensing of national cadres with knowledge about people of determination, and developing a framework for employment, ethical governance and technology that enhances people of determination.

The ministry also identified three axes of empowerment, which will be applied from 2031 to 2071, related to the services system, technology and research, and the national and community system.

The first axis involves seven initiatives, including; a developed policy for inclusive education targeting public and private schools and universities, a program for early detection of cases of people of determination before marriage, during pregnancy, after childbirth and during the learning phase, a highly efficient electronic link and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) between all relevant government and private agencies on the comprehensive file. The first axis also includes health, educational, social, occupational, and career based on artificial and technological intelligence to support the stages of prevention, early detection and sustainable education for people of determination.

Other initiatives include, the policy of equipping knowledge and skills and licensing national cadres dealing with people of determination, empowering skills to people of determination so they can be in leadership positions, privatize the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services for people of determination and initiating the policy of proactive discovery.

The second axis involves initiatives such as creating a framework of standards for employment and governance of ethics of enhanced technology for people of determination, establishing a national policy for investment in research for people of determination, promoting technological programs for people of determination through the preparation of an integrated system of programs.

In the third axis, there are six initiatives. These include; a policy of inclusive and conscious education to ensure life-term learning in formal and non-formal education, sustainable partnerships with the business sector to engage people of determination and keep pace with changes in business and the economy, the national standard for integrating people of determination educationally and socially, and a “global determination” policy that guarantees equal opportunities. It also involves participation in all local and international competitions, generalised income legislation for people of determination, and a conscious inclusive education policy.

Through the integrated system to support people of determination, the Ministry of Education seeks to make the UAE the leading country in educating people of determination.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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