Fuel prices in the UAE decreased for April

Fuel prices in the UAE decreased for April

The UAE’s fuel price follow-up committee has reduced petrol prices for the month of April 2023 which will boost disposable income for residents and improve their purchasing power during the holy month of Ramadan.

The price for one litre of Super 98 has been reduced to Dhs3.01 in April from Dhs3.09 in March while Special 95 will cost Dhs2.90 beginning April 1 compared to Dhs2.97 last month, according to a tweet from the fuel retailing company Emarat.

Meanwhile, the price of diesel was reduced to Dhs3.03 per litre in April from Dhs3.14 the previous month as the price of E-plus 91 dropped to Dhs2.82 from Dhs2.90 in March.

The fuel price committee marginally slashed the rates by 8 fils per litre, after two consecutive months of increases.

Here’s a quick glance at UAE fuel prices in 2023

MonthSuper 98Special 95EPlus 91Diesel
January 20232.782.672.593.29
February 20233.052.932.863.38
March 20233.092.972.903.14
April 20233.012.902.823.03

UAE fuel prices 2023

The UAE liberaliszed petrol prices in 2015 to allow rates to move in line with the market. Fuel prices in the country tend to fluctuate in line with global trends.

Crude oil prices are headed for a weekly surge of more than 7 per cent as an ongoing disruption to Iraqi exports tightened the market ahead of US inflation data.

However, Brent for May settlement was down $0.21 or 0.26 per cent to trade at $79.06 per barrel as of 10:47am GST on Friday while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for May 2023 delivery dropped $0.09 or 0.12 per cent to $74.31 around the same time.

News Source: Gulf Business

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