UAE Summer: How to Prevent Vehicular Fires Amid Rising Heat

UAE Summer: How to Prevent Vehicular Fires Amid Rising Heat

As temperatures soar across the UAE, the risk of vehicular fires has surged, posing a grave threat to motorists. According to authorities, several common items left inside vehicles during the blistering summer months can ignite, leading to potentially catastrophic incidents.

Main Causes and Risks

The primary culprit behind summer car fires is the intense heat, which can exceed safe limits for many everyday items. Among the most flammable items are compressed packages, batteries, energy storage devices, hand sanitizers, perfumes, gas cylinders, lighters, and other combustibles. When exposed to direct sunlight, these items can heat up rapidly, triggering fires that can engulf vehicles within minutes.

Preventive Measures

Authorities from the Abu Dhabi Police stress the importance of proactive safety measures to mitigate the risk:

  1. Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit: Every vehicle should be equipped with a functional fire extinguisher and a comprehensive first aid kit. These essentials can save lives and prevent minor incidents from escalating into major disasters.
  2. Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Vehicles themselves contain flammable materials such as fuels, oils, plastics, and rubber components. Routine inspections and maintenance checks are crucial to ensure that these elements do not contribute to fire hazards.
  3. Avoid Leaving Items Inside: Motorists are advised against leaving items prone to combustion inside vehicles, especially during peak daytime hours when temperatures are at their highest.

Advice from Authorities

"Drivers must remain vigilant and proactive in preventing car fires during summer,"

emphasized a spokesperson from the Abu Dhabi Police.

"Simple precautions, such as storing flammable items appropriately and conducting regular vehicle checks, can significantly reduce the risk of incidents."

By adhering to these guidelines, drivers can help safeguard themselves and others on the road from the potentially devastating consequences of vehicle fires during this hot season.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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