WhatsApp Launches Screen-Sharing During Video Calls

WhatsApp Launches Screen-Sharing During Video Calls

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that enables users to display their computer or mobile device screen to others while engaged in a video call.

This feature proves valuable for collaborative work, demonstrations, or resolving problems remotely. Essentially, this update allows for virtual meetings on WhatsApp, greatly simplifying communication.

During a video call, a new button positioned at the lower part of the interface can be tapped to initiate screen sharing with all participants on the call. This action will display the entirety of your screen content, encompassing messages, and the shared content will also be captured and disseminated among others present on the call. To prevent disturbances, it's advisable to activate the "Do Not Disturb" mode or a similar function.

The user maintains full authority and can terminate the screen sharing at their discretion. For utilizing this function, it's necessary to acquire the most recent beta version of the application. Additionally, to ensure the confidentiality of discussions, the application, under the ownership of Meta, now incorporates a new feature. The screen recording will solely be distributed when the individual initiating screen sharing grants consent.

At present, this feature is exclusively accessible to individuals engaging with the beta version. Nevertheless, it's anticipated that these new features will become available to the broader user base in the near future, potentially within a few weeks.

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