82% of employees in the UAE open to employers investing their end of service benefits

82% of employees in the UAE open to employers investing their end of service benefits

National Bonds, the savings and investment company, said that 82 percent of employees in the UAE are open to employers investing in their end-of-service benefits.

This insight strongly aligns with National Bonds’ strategic objective of introducing new saving solutions that cater to different segments of the population.

In line with the growing demand for such solutions, and with the aim to help nationals and residents in the UAE kick start their retirement saving plan, National Bonds launched the ‘Golden Pension Plan’.

Coined as the first-of-its-kind initiative in the UAE that aims to enhance employees’ end-of-service benefits in both government and private sectors while concurrently fostering a culture of savings. This plan also helps individuals and corporates to invest in their future and supports corporates with employee retention strategies.

The Golden Pension Plan has already been enrolled by many organisations across the UAE, indicating its relevance and popularity among businesses and their workforce, while reinforcing the employers’ interest in safeguarding their employees end-of-service financials.

These findings which are based on the outcomes of the 12th edition of the National Bonds Savings Index, an annual survey on the saving behaviour in the UAE, are published with an aim to spread and reinforce a savings-oriented mindset while tailoring National Bonds’ programmes and schemes to align with people’s aspirations, ultimately enhancing their financial security.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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