88% of respondents from the UAE likely will travel abroad in the next 12 months

88% of respondents from the UAE likely will travel abroad in the next 12 months

TGM releases one of the world’s most comprehensive surveys that offers an unparalleled glimpse into the dynamic behaviors of travelers worldwide.

TGM Research, a technology-driven market research company that specializes in global online data collection and innovative survey technology proudly announces the official release of the highly anticipated TGM Global Travel Survey 2023. This comprehensive survey spanning 21 countries across 6 continents, offers a unique opportunity to tap into the collective longing for the adventure of consumers worldwide, fostering a renewed sense of connection and reigniting the wanderlust within their souls.

Greg Laski, CEO of TGM Research, says:

“We are thrilled to share the captivating discoveries from our Global Travel Survey 2023, which offers a diverse array of perspectives from globetrotters worldwide. These valuable insights collected through the survey will enable the tourism industry to effectively adjust and transform in accordance with the evolving preferences of travelers. By embracing these findings, we can collaboratively craft a travel experience that is sustainable, inclusive, and immensely gratifying for all.”

Key insights from TGM Global Travel Survey 2023

79% of respondents in the UAE choose relaxation and discovery trips as the preferred travel style

In the UAE, travelers express their fascination with diverse travel styles, spanning from leisurely pursuits to thrilling adventures. However, there is a notable inclination towards relaxation and discovery trips, capturing a significant 79% preference and establishing itself as the most popular travel type nationwide. Festive trips such as clubbing and festivals follow as the second choice, accounting for 28% of preferences. The considerable gap between these top two preferences underscores the immense interest that travelers in the UAE have in relaxation and discovery trips, with the percentage for this priority being extremely greater than that of the second alternative option.

Travelers' top activities: Shopping, and Beach retreat take center stage

The TGM Global Travel Survey 2023 reveals that travelers in the UAE have a diverse range of preferred activities when embarking on trips, encompassing both leisurely pursuits and adventurous endeavors. Notably, shopping claims the highest percentage at 47%, followed closely by beach and leisure activities at 46%. Additionally, the survey highlights a preference for engaging in nature and adventure activities, as well as indulging in photography, with both options accounting for 44% of preference. These insights provide a glimpse into the dynamic interests of UAE travelers, showcasing their inclination for a well-rounded travel experience that combines relaxation, exploration, and capturing memorable moments.

Conversely, sporting activities such as surfing and cycling, along with wellness activities like yoga and spa experiences, are not the primary focus for travelers in the UAE. These options account for the lowest percentage of preference at 16% each, suggesting that while they are still considered, travelers do not prioritize when it comes to travel choices in the country.

Cost remains a key factor in vacation planning for people in the UAE

In the realm of vacation planning, travelers in the UAE demonstrate a keen focus on cost and affordability, representing a significant factor for 46% of respondents. Following closely behind are considerations for ample free time to relax, capturing the attention of 26% of respondents, and engaging in local cultural and historical experiences, which accounted for 20% of respondents. These insights shed light on the priorities of the country’s travelers, highlighting the importance of budget-consciousness, leisure, and immersing oneself in the rich cultural fabric of their destinations.

Financially accessible accommodations emerge as the top choice in the UAE

The TGM Global Travel Survey uncovers that travelers in the UAE prioritize both deluxe and 3 to 4-star lodges, as well as budget-friendly accommodations. However, when examining preferences across different age groups, a subtle variation emerges. Notably, while the younger age groups demonstrate a similar level of interest in both options, the older age group (45-54) displays a stronger inclination towards deluxe accommodations, with a preference of 48%, and premium accommodations, with a preference of 26%. These findings shed light on the varying priorities among different age groups, revealing the preference of the 45-54 age group for more upscale lodging options in the UAE.

Emirates tops the charts as the UAE’s preferred airline brand

In the UAE, Emirates takes the lead as the top favorite airline brand, surpassing other renowned names like Air Arabia and Etihad, with a remarkable 63.3% of the respondents showing a strong preference for it. When choosing their airline, good service emerges as a crucial factor, with 17% of travelers prioritizing excellent customer experience. Moreover, a significant 15.5% of respondents highly value comfortable travel experiences, revealing the importance of both service quality and in-flight comfort in their decision-making process.

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