DESC provides insight for International Cybersecurity Certification Framework

DESC provides insight for International Cybersecurity Certification Framework

The Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) has launched an online report titled "International Cybersecurity Certification Framework: Pathways to Collaboration and Situational Analysis".

The report was drafted by Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Deputy Director of the Information Services Department at DESC and the only Arab member of The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cybersecurity, with the support of Ayesha Al Marzooqi, Senior Permit’s Officer at DESC.

The report discusses the issues of misalignment in cybersecurity schemes internationally, with a focus on three main areas: Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity services, and cybersecurity experts. It highlights the gaps, case studies and recommendations for all three pillars, with the main recommendation being that countries should align and unify efforts on cybersecurity certification to ensure smooth global collaboration. The report came as an outcome of the meeting of The World Economic Forum’s Future Council on Cybersecurity.

The report discusses the urgent need to shed light on the cybersecurity services market and enhance the security of consumer IoT devices. It also stresses the importance of having a unified license for cybersecurity experts and cybersecurity services on a global level.

Dr. Al Blooshi commented,

"The UAE’s contribution to the report comes in line with our wise leadership’s awareness of the importance of cybersecurity as a key element in people’s daily lives, and one of the major requirements for economic development during the rapid digital transformation. Cybersecurity protects critical infrastructure, such as oil pipelines, water treatment facilities and hospitals, and supports the day-to-day operation of services, from online banking, to public transport, to food delivery. We are proud that this significant report is associated with Dubai and the UAE, which bolsters the leading position of our beloved country on a global level."

"The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cybersecurity believes that strategic gains can be made to the security of data, devices and organisations through cross-border cooperation that begins with urgent work on gaps in cybersecurity certification and through this report we aim to shine a light on these important topics,"

DESC contributed earlier this year in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) network, the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity that leads the global response to address cybersecurity unprecedented challenges and risks in the current global pandemic. The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council commits to fostering international cooperation and bridging the gap between public and private sectors to accelerate forward thinking solutions and reinforce cybersecurity efforts in response to cybercrimes as well as building cyber resilience in the global landscape to develop scalable solutions by adoption of cybersecurity best practices for a sustainable future.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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