DHA establishes guidelines for physiotherapy services in Dubai

DHA establishes guidelines for physiotherapy services in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced standards for physiotherapy services in the emirate, aiming to improve the quality of healthcare provided in this field.

The announcement was made during the World Physiotherapy Conference held in Dubai. The issuance of these standards aligns with DHA's strategic vision of continuous enhancement in healthcare services. The DHA collaborated with the Emirates Medical Association's Emirates Physiotherapy Society to develop comprehensive guidelines for physiotherapy services.

The standards aim to standardize and unify physiotherapy services across all healthcare facilities in Dubai, following the latest advancements and international best practices. They cover provisions for both health facilities and professionals, focusing on patient-centered care. The guidelines also address patient referral and education, prioritizing health and safety standards.

The President of Emirates Physiotherapy Society emphasized the significance of these standards, highlighting the crucial role of physiotherapy in integrated healthcare systems. The unification of standards is expected to further elevate the healthcare sector in Dubai and ensure the provision of specialized, high-quality patient-centered care.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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