Dubai Chamber, Hamburg Chamber join hands to expand strategic partnership

Dubai Chamber, Hamburg Chamber join hands to expand strategic partnership

Dubai Chamber and Hamburg Chamber of Commerce have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to renew their strategic partnership, initiated in 2007, and foster closer ties between the UAE and German business communities.

Under the agreement, the two chambers agreed to extend their cooperation, share knowledge and best practices on membership-related services through the institutional exchange, including exchange and cooperation in other countries where the organisations maintain a presence.

The chambers will jointly coordinate future initiatives and foster cooperation in the healthcare sector between both regions and co-organise meetings between companies in both countries.

Hamad Buamim, President and CEO, Dubai Chamber, remarked,

"Both Chambers realise the importance of cooperation to drive innovation and to provide effective solutions to boost energy, address environmental concerns and promote sustainability and mobility."

He noted that Dubai and Hamburg are remarkably similar in logistical prowess, strategic geographical location and a strong emphasis on being a trade hub. Therefore, this MoU with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce seems like a natural next step to tap into existing trade and investment potential.

Buamim added that the MoU aligns with the chamber’s efforts to offer members’ access to growth opportunities and explore business partnerships with their global counterparts.

Dr. Malte Heyne, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, said,

"In line with our strategic vision, 'Hamburg 2040', the cooperation with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide new opportunities for our member companies in Dubai and beyond. Thanks to its openness for new ideas, Dubai provides an excellent launch pad for innovation from Hamburg. Furthermore, as a global hub Dubai is a great starting point for Hamburg-based companies to spot the latest trends in business and innovation and develop new markets in the region,"

Dubai Chamber and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce started their strategic partnership in 2007 and since then have worked diligently to bring together business communities from both sides.

This partnership has created new channels of fruitful cooperation over the last decade, with the Dubai-Hamburg Business Forum serving as an important platform for business exchange under this partnership.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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