Dubai Customs showcases sustainable innovations at its Innovation Week

Dubai Customs showcases sustainable innovations at its Innovation Week

Dubai Customs launched its Innovation Week, in conjunction with the UAE Innovation Month (UAE Innovates 2023), under the theme "Innovating Together for a Sustainable Future".

H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs and CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, inaugurated the week-long event, which will run from 22 to 28 February.

Musabih honored the winners of the "Innovator Award" in recognition of their innovative ideas and projects, which have contributed to advancing the department's mission in promoting sustainable development and protecting society in line with Dubai Customs Strategic Plan 2021-2026. The first place was awarded to Fahd Othman from the Service Innovation Center, followed by Rashid bin Harib from the Passenger Operations Department in second place. Falah Khalil Al-Sammak from the Passenger Operations Department was awarded third place, and Zahid Hussain from the Service Operations Department placed fourth. Sultan Al-Zarouni from the Customs Declaration Department was awarded fifth place.

Honoring also included the employees and departments that made significant contributions to the innovation system, such as Ahmed Saeed Al-Kharoosi, Director of the Tariff & Origin Department, Majid Al-Ali, Director of the Customs Declaration Department, Rashid Saif Al-Suwaidi, Director of Sea Customs Centers Management, Humaid Al-Rashid, Director of Inland Customs Centers Management, and Dr. Hussam Juma, Director of the Service Innovation Department. The "Innovator of the Month in 2022" award recipients were also acknowledged, including Latifa Al-Tayer from the Finance Department, Zahid Hussain from the Service Innovation Department, Abid Ibrahim from the Tariff & Origin Department, and Naima Al-Nuaimi from the Valuation Department.

Employees who obtained highest points and digital medals at the Smart Innovation Platform were awarded. Sultan Al-Zarouni from the Customs Declaration Department won the Platinum Medal. The Golden Medal went to Abid Ibrahim from the Tariff & Origin Department, and the Silver Medal went to Fahd Othman from the Service Innovation Department.

Musabih also awarded the members of the Service Innovation Committee, which included Dr. Omar Al-Qariouti, Mohammed Al-Bashtawi, Sufian Al-Areedh, Ali Al-Barhgouthi, Ahmed Fayed, Mohammed Abu Ertimah, Mohammed Al-Shamali and Mohammed Zaki.

By developing innovative ideas and projects, Dubai Customs has improved its smart services, resulting in a client satisfaction rate of over 98%. This has contributed to facilitating business operations and strengthening the UAE's position in global competitiveness rankings.

The Innovator Award allotted 10 hours per department per month for generating unconventional ideas to enhance client services. A total of 367 ideas were submitted by employees to the Award, and the selected ones were developed and refined.

Musabih highlighted that the upcoming phase of customs service development demands a greater emphasis on innovation to keep up with the significant growth of Dubai's foreign trade and in alignment with the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda, initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

"The agenda aims to double the value of Dubai's foreign trade in goods and services from AED14.2 trillion to AED25.6 trillion during the 2023-2033 decade by introducing more trade corridors to Dubai, connecting it with 400 cities globally. All of this necessitates enhancing customs performance and creating unprecedented services and products."

Dr. Hussam Juma, Director, Service Innovation Department, said,

‘The Innovator Award is one of the major initiatives that Dubai Customs launched to stimulate innovation and encourage employees to share their creative ideas. This will pave the way for more innovative projects that facilitate trade and enhance customs services towards more growth in the emirate’s external trade.’

On the inaugural day, Musabih inaugurated the Customs Innovation Exhibition, which was organized by the Innovation Center in collaboration with several customs departments. The exhibition showcased various cutting-edge technologies, such as the "Customs Dolphins"; a smart maritime robot that can scan specific areas underwater and share high-resolution images and videos with the inspectors, the Siyaj Buggy, a small vehicle that is utilized to search for hazardous cargo beneath trucks and vehicles, and the Smart Customs Deterrence and Inspection Drone.

According to Khalid Ahmed Al-Zarouni, Head of Dubai Customs Innovation Week Dubai Customs is progressing with assurance and stability in promoting novel concepts and nurturing transformative innovations by adhering to a well-structured approach that involves all customs divisions and departments. Dubai Customs has received around 50,000 since the setup of the idea submission channels and systems until the end of 2022, giving birth to hundreds of innovations including 171 innovations in 2022.

The Director General also launched the Sustainability Show, organized by the Administrative Affairs Department to align with the UAE's Year of Sustainability. Eng. Khawla Ibrahim Alsaleis, Director - Administration Affairs Department pointed out the show showcased various sustainable innovations from companies, such as Sharar Engineering Solutions, built by a group of Emirati young men, which developed a smart way to charge electric vehicles.

IKEA also presented their environmentally friendly innovations. Moreover, the show featured aquaculture technology developed by the Lanscaping Company and the Farz Company's recycling method to recover materials for recycling.  D Grade Company showcased novel methods of turning plastic into clothes and accessories. Quooker Company presented their smart innovation that provides cold and filter water as well as hot water. Everpure Company introduced their smart environmentally friendly method of providing healthy water.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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