Dubai to host friendly match between UAE & Israel Rugby teams

Dubai to host friendly match between UAE & Israel Rugby teams

The UAE Rugby Federation announced on Tuesday that a friendly match will be held between the country’s first national team and its Israeli counterpart at the Dubai Sports City stadiums on 19th March.

The friendly match aims to shed light on the role of sport in promoting relations among various countries as well as consolidating the values of peace and tolerance.

The Federation invited the media to attend the event and cover it while adhering to all precautionary measures that ensure the safety of all, knowing that this match will be the first of its kind that brings the UAE and Israel teams face to face on the UAE stadiums.

Qais Al Dhalai, Secretary-General of the UAE Rugby Federation, indicated that a virtual press conference will be held during the coming days, to announce the details of the cooperation programme between the two parties.

He also stated that the date of the arrival of the Israeli team, the schedule for the first friendly match, and the strategic vision for developing cooperation between the two federations will also be announced during the press conference.

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