Exploring the UAE's Outdoor Gems: 6 Scenic Spots to Beat the Summer Heat

Exploring the UAE's Outdoor Gems: 6 Scenic Spots to Beat the Summer Heat

If you're still searching for activities during Eid Al Adha, why not gather your friends and family and embark on a picturesque adventure? Here's a helpful guide to get you started.

Those who believe that outdoor adventures are limited to the winter season have yet to discover the UAE's hidden treasures. Despite the rising temperatures, you can still escape the heat and explore beyond the confines of your air-conditioned home. Venture outside, breathe in the fresh air and immerse yourself in the natural beauty while enjoying the gentle warmth brushing against your face. The UAE boasts numerous attractions that endure all types of weather. So, whether you believe it or not, you can unwind, unwind, and enjoy the summer sun in this season.

Here are six locations worth exploring:

Al Rafisah Dam

Don't forget to make a stop at Sharjah's prominent water reservoir on your way to Khor Fakkan. Al Rafisah Dam is not just a beautiful tourist attraction, but also a crucial infrastructure that plays a significant role in storing and supplying water to the surrounding areas. Located in the magnificent Hajar mountain range, this destination provides a tranquil getaway from urban living. The sight of calm waters flowing against the rugged mountains creates a rejuvenating view that is truly unique.

Al Ain Oasis

Dubbed the UAE's Garden City, Al Ain offers a rejuvenating escape for those seeking relief from the heat. The oasis, abundant with numerous date palm trees, provides ample shade to create a pleasant atmosphere for summer adventurers. To avoid the peak hours of scorching temperatures, it is advisable to plan your visit to Al Ain in the early morning or late afternoon.

Jubail Mangrove Park

Embark on a captivating journey through Abu Dhabi's mangrove forest, where you might be fortunate enough to spot turtles, herons, and gazelles freely roaming the area. Situated a mere 30 minutes away from the city, this mangrove park acts as a protective barrier between the sea and the coastline. Whether you have a keen interest in birdwatching, a deep appreciation for nature, or a passion for photography, this destination guarantees a mesmerizing experience.

Jebel Jais

Ras Al Khaimah is home to the UAE's tallest mountain, which not only provides awe-inspiring vistas but also offers exhilarating activities like hiking and zip-lining. And as you may already know, ascending to higher altitudes brings a welcome drop in temperatures. The journey to the mountain itself is an adventure, with picturesque views unveiled at every twist and turn along the winding roads. Adventure enthusiasts are sure to relish the experience.

Jebel Hafeet

Similar to Jebel Jais, this mountain not only presents breathtaking scenery but also provides a variety of recreational pursuits. Travelers are bound to relish the drive to the summit, pausing at picturesque locations that afford sweeping vistas of the city and the encompassing oasis.


If you prefer a more convenient option to beat the summer heat, why not opt for a refreshing swim in the pristine waters of the country's abundant beaches? Additionally, Dubai has introduced the opportunity for night swimming at select beaches, allowing you to enjoy a cool dip while avoiding the sun. This remarkable initiative is perfect for those seeking to evade the daytime heat.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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