Embrace the Chill: Discover the Top Destinations for Ice Baths in Dubai

Embrace the Chill: Discover the Top Destinations for Ice Baths in Dubai

It's time to ice, ice baby…

In the midst of Dubai's scorching desert heat, an unexpected trend has taken hold—the popularity of Ice Baths. These invigorating and rejuvenating experiences have captivated residents and tourists alike, providing a unique opportunity to avoid the heat while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of subzero temperatures. Let us delve deeper and learn more about Ice Baths, its benefits, the experience and the top places to try ice baths in Dubai.

What is Ice Bath therapy?

Ice bath therapy is the practice of completely immersing your body in a bathtub full of ice. These baths are also known as Cold Water Immersion (CW0) or cryotherapy and is a 10- to 15-minute dip in water that is as cold as 50-59°F. It is used by athletes as well as individuals who want to create a mind-over-matter practice in their life. Ice baths are thought to help alleviate muscle discomfort and soreness, and elite athletes utilize them both after events and as part of their training regimen.

How are Ice Baths beneficial?

Ice baths have a number of physiological and psychological benefits, which is what makes them so alluring. Ice is most usually linked with relieving aching muscles and minimizing inflammation, but spending time in subzero temperatures is also supposed to benefit your central nervous system. Stimulating your body's sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can result in better stress reactions, a better mood, and better sleep quality. Aside from the physical benefits of the ice, the technique includes meditative elements that leave you feeling centered and empowered - if you can stay in an ice bath for three minutes, the unpleasant portions of daily life don't seem so horrible anymore.

What is the chilling experience like...

Entering an ice bath is more than just a cold-resistance exercise; it is a carefully composed experience designed to promote relaxation and wellness. Participants are guided through the procedure by skilled therapists and health specialists, assuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Sessions usually start with a quick warm-up and preparation to adjust the body before plunging into the chilly water. The length of each session varies, but it usually runs from a few minutes to roughly ten minutes. Individuals are recommended to follow the plunge with additional treatments such as massages or sauna sessions to optimize the effects.

Here are the top places you can try out Ice Baths in Dubai:


Contrast was founded on the notion that true health comes from within. They think that nourishing the mind, body, and spirit is essential to maintaining balance. Their concept combines hot and cold therapy for moments of awareness and calm, fusing transformative traditional healing traditions into the modern world. You can head to Contrast to take a dip into icy cold water. The wellness center also features an infrared sauna and a regular sauna, both of which are ideal for warming up after an icy dip. If you really want to go all out for your health day, vitamin IV drips and massages can be arranged.  Bring on the self-care.

📍 Golden Mile 6, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

🕑 07:30 am - 09:30 am

💸 from AED 95


The ReFive Spa is located within the FIVE hotel at Palm Jumeirah. This luxurious spa welcomes you to a well-deserved session of selfcare, offering everything from premium beauty treatments to movement and muscle recovery.  With their award-winning recipe, you may treat your mind, body, and spirit. Consider crystal relaxation beds, glowing facials, experienced movement trainers, and cutting-edge steam and sauna rooms. For Dhs125, you can get a one-on-one ice bath session. The treatment consists of a maximum 15-minute soak in a bathtub filled with water that is 6-7 degrees Celsius, not quite cold enough to be considered an ice bath but yet chilly enough. While you're in the water, you'll also be guided through a deep breathing exercise.

📍 ReFIVE Spa, FIVE Hotel, Palm Jumeirah/Jumeirah Village

🕑 Mon-Thu 10:00 am - 10:00 pm | Fri- Sun 10:00 am - 12:00 am

💸 AED 125 (per session)

Endorphins Method

Endorphins Method formerly known as Cool Out! Breath In! was started by long time Dubai resident and life coach Benoit Demeulemeester. This wellness center organizes Ice Baths at several sites throughout the city, including Kite Beach and Al Manara. Benoit fosters a sense of community around his submersion experiences by incorporating dinner or tea and coffee as part of his sessions. These sessions are rejuvenating, with a focus on breathing exercises.

📍 59 Al Manara Rd, Umm Suqeim, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai

💸 From AED 150

Excellency Center

If you schedule ahead of time, this rehabilitation center in Downtown Dubai will provide you with an ice bath experience. Get access to an ice-filled bathtub as a professional walks you through the process for AED 120. On Sundays, Elisabeth Bohler, a breathing coach and real ice queen (Step aside Elsa), talks you through the benefits of the exercise before guiding you through the 3-minute immersion in 0° water. Elisabeth's gentle yet strong approach (which includes an uplifting mantra) helps even the most skeptic participant get through the process.

📍 Excellency Center, Building B201, The Opus by Omniyat, Business Bay

🕑 Mon- Fri 10:00 am - 08:00 pm | Sat 10:00 am - 06:00 pm (Sundays closed)

💸 AED 120

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