Facebook News launching in UK

Facebook News launching in UK

The social network's dedicated news section will be rolled out in the UK on Tuesday afternoon (26.01.21) following its introduction in the US last year.
Major news publishers - including Sky News, Channel 4, The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and Financial Times - have signed deals with Facebook to provide content for the service.

The feature is an attempt to address friction between the platform and news publishers over advertising spend increasingly benefiting tech firms rather than individual news outlets.

Facebook News is a dedicated tap within the mobile app, which you can access by tapping the three-line button for more options. It will include a mix of big daily news stories alongside 'personalised' news chosen based on the user's interests.
Facebook will pay publishers "for content that is not already on the platform", while the feature also gives those publishers new advertising and subscription "opportunities".

In a blog post, the company said:

"Our goal has always been to work out the best ways we can support the industry in building sustainable business models.
"As we invest more in news, and pay publishers for more content in more countries, we will work with them to support the long-term viability of newsrooms."

FOR MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/news/

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