Rent, Flaunt, Repeat: Top Fashion Rental Platforms in Dubai

Rent, Flaunt, Repeat: Top Fashion Rental Platforms in Dubai

Ever found yourself in a fashion conundrum over a stunning designer dress or an eye-catching accessory that seemed to be just out of reach? Well, the game-changing solution for this is the fashion rental platforms. No more will the price tags feel like a barricade to your dream dress.

In a world where sustainability meets style, renting is the new buying, and Dubai's fashion rental revolution is leading the charge. As sustainability becomes a key concern and the desire for unique, high-end fashion experiences grows, residents and visitors in Dubai are turning to fashion rental services to access the latest styles without the hefty price tag.

Why spend a fortune on a piece you will only wear once when you can effortlessly rent and return, contributing to a greener, more stylish tomorrow? Explore the top fashion rental platforms in Dubai that are redefining the way we approach our wardrobes.


Image Source: Cloudset

Cloudset is a luxury costume rental service in Dubai. The store serves as your cloud-based closet, presenting limitless application potential. You can choose to rent items for personal use, rent them out to others, receive rewards, buy out pieces they love, or engage in resale activities. Their mission is to normalize and streamline the process of renting fashion, equating it to the convenience of renting cars or hotels.

The rentals are priced at one-tenth of the original price. This allows you the luxury of donning ten designer dresses for the cost of what would typically cover just a single purchase. From clothes, bags, and other fashion accessories, you can rent items from them for 4 days to 3 months. In case you love something, you can also buy it from them. You can also use this service to try out luxe designers before investing in them.

Additionally, the Cloudset allows you to rent or sell your premium clothing or accessories for money or points which could be used to make purchase on their website.


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Image Source: RNTD

RNTD is the brainchild of two sisters, Mish and Shane. Growing up as sisters, they shared a wardrobe, intertwining their styles while also enjoying the perks of a double closet. Fueled by the desire to revolutionize fashion consumption, they embarked on a mission that led to the inception of RNTD, a pioneering clothing rental platform based in Dubai. At the core of their vision is the belief that fashion should be about access, not ownership.

From cocktails to weddings, you could find a dress that suits you perfectly at RNTD. You could either rent it once or subscribe to their services opening yourself to a world of high-end fashion. Based on the number of dresses you want to rent, you can choose from their monthly rental subscriptions; Bombshell (AED350), Glam Goddess (AED495), and Social Butterfly (AED550).


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Image Source: RYW

Rent Your Wardrobe is a fashion rental and resale platform that operates in Dubai. Staying at the forefront of the fashion revolution in the region, RYW transforms the way individuals experience and interact with style. With a mission to offer a smarter and more sustainable alternative in the fashion industry, they empower individuals to look and feel their best while minimizing their environmental impact.

At RYW, you can access an infinite collection of attires suitable for every occasion, style, and size. From party wear to Indian ethnic wear, you will be able to rent the perfect dress for your special moments. RYW has introduced a RYW subscription for just AED99 a month. With the subscription, you unlock a monthly rental credit of AED 199 and access to a curated collection for a constant wardrobe refresh without the burden of ownership. With the rental credit, you can also purchase pre-loved treasures from their website. Moreover, RYW subscribers can monetize their wardrobe through a comprehensive service, with professionals handling everything from visuals to listings. They also provide a concierge service that covers everything from dry cleaning to repairs and alterations.


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Image Source: wrdrb

wrdrb is a premium fashion resale and rental platform in Dubai. Their mission is to offer unparalleled customer service and care within the realm of luxury fashion resale and rental. In their pursuit, the goal is twofold – to help individuals achieve their ideal looks and, simultaneously, contribute to the overarching mission of making the fashion industry more sustainable.

You can skim through their thoughtfully curated collections and choose the pieces that speak to your style. Once you choose a masterpiece, the team will reach out to you to finalize details and coordinate delivery. Every piece arrives in impeccable condition, having undergone thorough dry-cleaning and steaming, ready to be flaunted at any event. You can also purchase these pre-loved items for half the price.


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Image Source: endless

endless is UAE's premier fashion resale and rental platform for women. The inception of endless traces back to the vision of its founder, Rosie Gunn, who, after a decade in the fashion industry, recognized the need to redefine women's relationship with fashion while addressing its environmental impact. Having personally experienced the transformative impact of a well-chosen outfit, Rosie believes in the potential of the rental and resale model to extend the lifespan of clothing, combat the challenges of fast fashion, and offer women the opportunity to wear beloved brands and outfits that might otherwise be financially out of reach.

From vacation wear to bridal gowns, you can rent top designers for your special event from endless. They also sell preloved items for a remarkably lower price. Additionally, you can sell your unwanted premium clothing to the platform.


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Image Source:

Siz stands as a transformative force in the UAE's fashion landscape. The platform facilitates the seamless exchange of designer clothes and bags among women in the UAE, creating a sustainable and stylish solution to the relentless cycle of wasteful spending. The inception of this platform traces while curbing fashion waste. The platform's inception traces back to the founder's personal experience in 2021, where a need for a winter wardrobe overhaul sparked the idea of sharing designer items.

With over a hundred satisfied customers and hundreds of designer outfits rented out, Siz has successfully fostered a sisterhood where fashion influencers and individuals with underutilized designer items connect with those looking to rent these outfits for various occasions. Through the platform, women in the UAE can not only access the latest design trends but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible fashion culture. Other than designer fits, the website also features an ‘Influencer Closet’ section where you can rent dresses owned by popular influencers in the region.


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Image Source: Designer-24

Designer-24 stands as the pinnacle of luxury fashion rental in the Middle East, with a presence in the UAE, Lebanon, and Jordan. The core mission of the brand is to democratize access to high-end fashion while simultaneously addressing the urgent need for sustainability in the face of the fast fashion crisis. Designer-24 offers a solution where women can access the most coveted runway looks for any function without breaking the bank. Working in collaboration with international and cutting-edge designers, along with renowned stylists, Designer-24 curates a collection that reflects the most up-to-date, modish, and desirable looks of the season.

Designer-24 boasts an exceptional fashion catalog that includes everything from cocktail party wear to bridals. You can also book an appointment with their expert team to seek guidance on fashion statements. Additionally, they offer a platform to earn passive income by monetizing your unused wardrobe.


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Image Source: SW ONE

Nestled in Jumeirah, SW ONE Fashion House is an exclusive enclave offering women designer fashion for hire. This bespoke fashion destination distinguishes itself by combining high fashion curation with the expertise of world-class beauty professionals, ensuring clients can prepare for social events seamlessly.

Specializing in bridal services, SW ONE Fashion transforms bridal visions into reality. From bespoke wedding gowns to ready-made dresses and rental options, the brand offers a comprehensive bridal styling service, attending to every detail from jewelry to bridal hairdo.


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West Lend

Image Source: West Lend

West Lend is a fashion-forward premium dress rental service in Dubai. The team is on a mission to empower women by offering them access to beautiful and stylish clothing that boosts confidence, all without the burden of a hefty price tag. The core philosophy at West Lend is to revolutionize the perception of fashion rental.

On West Lend, you can choose your dream outfit from their wide range of collections, from statement wear to casuals. By offering a standard 3-day rent period, the brand believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality fashion at a fraction of the retail price.


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