Free fitness classes in Dubai: Vogue, Karma Yoga & more

Free fitness classes in Dubai: Vogue, Karma Yoga & more

Jumpstarting a journey towards a healthier lifestyle is a lively adventure in Dubai, especially with the exciting twist of free fitness classes. This bustling city, known for its vibrant vibe, throws in a mix of complimentary fitness sessions that cater to all tastes and fitness levels. Picture yoga sessions under the open sky or high-energy group workouts—all for free!

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Whether you're a workout guru or a wellness newbie, these gratis classes in Dubai are your ticket to breaking a sweat, staying active, and embracing a healthy lifestyle with a side of fun. Get ready to infuse your routine with a burst of energy, all thanks to Dubai's dynamic and complimentary fitness scene!

Discover the world of free fitness trials offered by gyms and fitness centers in Dubai.

Discover fitness clubs in Dubai with professional setups and high-quality workout equipment, offering free trial sessions. Experience what these gyms have to offer by taking advantage of complimentary trial opportunities. Many gyms and fitness clubs in Dubai provide free trial sessions, allowing potential clients to preview their workout sessions. Check out this list of specialty gyms and fitness centers in Dubai that offer free workout classes.


Hop on an exhilarating fitness journey at Vogue Fitness, a renowned fitness center in JLT. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, this fitness hub delivers a high-quality CrossFit training program suitable for diverse age groups and fitness levels. With two convenient branches in Dubai, Vogue Fitness ensures a dynamic and inclusive fitness experience for all. Explore the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and excellence as you engage in their well-designed programs.

  • Location:  Concorde Tower, JLT Cluster H - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai
  • Timings: 6 AM - 9 PM, 8 AM - 1 PM (Sunday)
  • Contact: +971 4 450 8234


Start your wellness journey at Karma Yoga Studio, a place for both spiritual and physical healing. Explore their online yoga classes in Dubai with a flexible schedule. Get a taste of the gym's atmosphere with a free trial every Saturday before committing to regular yoga sessions. It's an opportunity to enhance your well-being without any obligations.

  • Location: Marina Plaza - Dubai Marina - Dubai 
  • Timings: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 5 PM - 9 PM
  • Contact: +971 4 399 9301


The Circuit Factory is renowned for its challenging workouts and a massive, devoted community. From intense boot camp-style sessions to nutritional guidance and weight loss challenges, they've got it all. Conveniently located in Motor City and Al Quoz, with a new space opening in Dubai Internet City soon. Dive in with a complimentary first class, and afterward, opt for class sets to continue your fitness journey with The Circuit Factory.

  • Location: Al Quoz, Motor City and Internet City, Dubai
  • Timings: 5 AM - 8:30 PM
  • Contact: +971 50 416 6039


Get ready to elevate your fitness game at GymNation, where a variety of classes will make your heart race. From the classics like yoga and Zumba to unique offerings such as jumpnation, CROSSHIT, and Bollywood dancing workouts, there's something for everyone. With multiple locations across the city, GymNation welcomes newbies with a free class, ensuring you can explore their diverse offerings before committing. It's time to experience fitness in a whole new way.

  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Timings: Open 24/7


Established in 2015, Gravity Calisthenics Gym stands out as a premier destination for those eager to delve into the realms of calisthenics and parkour in Dubai. Spanning an expansive 14,000 sqft in Al Quoz, this facility ranks among the largest movement academies globally. Offering diverse classes encompassing calisthenics, parkour, flexibility, strength, and conditioning, as well as tumbling, Gravity is the go-to spot for a comprehensive and dynamic fitness experience.

  • Location: Capitol Real Estate Compound, Warehouse 1, Al Asayel Road, Al Quoz, Dubai
  • Timings: 6:30 AM - 9 PM
  • Contact: +971 4 321 6006


Crank up your fitness game at Crank Fitness Studio in Dubai, where indoor gym activities are tailored to enhance strength, alleviate body pain, and promote relaxation. Take advantage of their free trial sessions, including invigorating boot camp workouts, empowering strength training classes, rejuvenating stretching sessions, and thrilling spin sessions. Discover a dynamic and enjoyable approach to achieving your fitness goals at Crank Fitness Studio.

  • Location: Unit 43, Al Serkal Avenue - 8 B St - Dubai
  • Timings: 6:30 AM - 9:30 PM, 8 AM - 2 PM (Saturday)
  • Contact: +971 4 321 2095


Join F45 Training in Dubai Marina for an invigorating circuit-based workout aimed at enhancing your body's flexibility. As one of the top gyms in the area, F45 Training offers a complimentary session, introducing participants to a blend of body weight and free weight exercises within its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen. These engaging classes not only provide an effective workout but also unveil new techniques to support your weight loss goals.

  • Location: Trident Grand Residence - 1st Floor - Dubai
  • Timings: 5:30–9:30 AM, 12–1 PM, 4:30–8:30 PM
  • Contact: +971 50 180 0354


Get in the ring at BoxIQ in Al Quoz and embrace the exhilarating realm of boxing which this premier gym dedicates to intelligent boxing training. Founded by the experienced Joe Ackary, this elite boxing facility offers diverse classes tailored to enhance boxing skills, covering everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Participants can not only improve their fitness but also develop their boxing prowess while sweating it out in each session. What's more, your first class at BoxIQ is on the house, making it an enticing opportunity for anyone keen on exploring the world of boxing.

  • Location: Al Joud Centre - Level M, Office 13 - 1 15A St - Al Quoz - Dubai
  • Timings: 7 AM - 8 PM, 8 AM - 2 PM
  • Contact: +971 58 563 6123



Empower your fitness journey with UrbanTribe! They are a vibrant outdoor fitness group on a mission to bring together like-minded individuals. Fueled by positive energy and a shared respect for everyone involved, their sessions cater to all fitness levels. Experience an uplifting ambiance with supportive trainers, lively music, and a comprehensive 2-hour fitness regimen covering warm-up, animal flow, HIIT, core, yoga, and Wim Hof breathing. Join them, and don't forget to bring water, sun cream, and a yoga mat if you prefer. Stay connected on Insta @urbantribe.dxb!

  • When: 13 Jan 2024
  • Where: Dubai Internet City Amphitheater


Start your yoga journey with a free trial class at Body Factory Motor City! This beginner-friendly session, limited to 10 people, invites you to kickstart your day with the rejuvenating practice of yoga. Secure your spot now for a delightful and energizing experience. Join us and embrace the positive vibes of yoga without any cost.

  • When: 01, 04, 08 and 11 January 2024
  • Where: Control Tower, 205 Second floor, Dubai


Discover the ultimate fitness experience at the Dubai Muscle Show, the Middle East's premier fitness event. Meet industry stars, gain inspiration, explore cutting-edge fitness products, receive expert advice, and enjoy a weekend filled with entertainment and fun. Witness thrilling competitions and demos while snagging hundreds of free samples and giveaways. In response to the growing demand within the fitness, wellness, and sports community, we proudly present Dubai Active Industry, providing a dedicated platform for networking and new business development in the region.

  • When: 25–27 Oct 2024
  • Where: Dubai World Trade Center


Check out the Street Workout Park in Marina, Dubai – a free fitness space for those who love staying active. Equipped with everything from parallel bars to pull-up bars, this park is perfect for fitness lovers. Whether you're new to working out or a seasoned pro, this spot welcomes everyone to enjoy a cost-free and dynamic exercise experience.

  • Location: Al Seyahi St - Dubai Marina - Dubai


Soak in the charm of Al Barsha Pond Park, a beloved community spot in Dubai. Families frequent this park, especially on weekends, to relish the beautiful sunset. What sets it apart is the range of amenities, including a running track, rental bicycles, and an open area perfect for yoga sessions. It's not just a park; it's a wellness hub catering to various interests and activities.

  • Location: Al Barsha 2, Street 329th, Dubai
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday (08:00 am to 10:00 pm) | Friday & Saturday (08:00 am to 11:00 pm)
  • Contact: +971-800-900

As we wrap up our exploration of free fitness classes in Dubai, there's no shortage of budget-friendly fitness choices. Creating a modest home gym is a cost-effective option, or take advantage of outdoor spaces like parks and beaches equipped with public fitness facilities. Affordable gyms in Dubai also cater to those looking for professional setups without breaking the bank. Keep it straightforward, stay active, and discover the fitness routine that fits your lifestyle!

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