Heartwarming Tales: Acts of Kindness by Strangers in Dubai

Heartwarming Tales: Acts of Kindness by Strangers in Dubai

Dubai is a city where kindness and charity are widespread. This generosity is now the norm—possibly even expected—in the UAE, especially after 2017, which celebrated a Year of Giving.

The UAE leader has encouraged acts of kindness from residents. Rulers and Crown Princes have, in the past, personally called or met everyday heroes whose inspirational acts of kindness went viral. Here are a few instances:

1. When the UAE President called a hero cop: March 2021

Sgt. Ahmed Hassan Al Hammadi from the Sharjah Police was on patrol duty when he spotted a man who was trying to move his car that had broken down on the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road. Next thing the driver knew, the officer had already called for a towing service — and even paid for it.

The hero cop received a call of appreciation from the highest quarter, when the now-UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, called him.

"I am calling to hear your voice and to thank you for your act. I want to greet you, because you brought honor to me, your family and people. May Allah grant you heaven for what you did,"

Sheikh Mohamed says in his interaction with Sgt. Al Hammadi.

2. These heroes saved a pregnant cat: August 2021

Four men were hailed as unsung heroes by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, after a video of them saving a pregnant cat went viral.

In the video, the cat is seen dangling from the balcony while the group of three men quickly takes position below with a bedsheet spread out as a safety net. The fourth was taking the video. The cat falls into the bedsheet, possibly saving her life. The men then pat her as she walks away unharmed.

After the incident, the men — Moroccan watchman Ashraf, Pakistani salesman Atif Mehmood, Indian Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) driver Nasser, and Indian grocer Mohammed Rashid — were all given a cash award of Dh50,000.

3. This teacher brightened students’ first day back in school: January 2020

A video of a teacher greeting her students in an Al Ain school went viral for all the right reasons. The teacher can be heard greeting each student by name, asking about their welfare, and wishing them a positive day.

After noticing the video, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid tweeted about it, asking his millions of followers if they could help identify her.

Netizens quickly identified Sheikhah Al Noaiymi, who worked at Al Ain's Aliya School. Later, she and her mother were invited to a UAE Cabinet meeting, where Sheikh Mohammed honored the Emirati teacher with the Prime Minister's medal and an immediate promotion.

4. Dubai Metro cashier tops up commuter’s Nol card for free: January 2021

Emirati Abdullah Ali Issa Al Qassab topped up the Nol card of a journalist after she forgot her wallet. He wouldn’t accept “any attempt to repay him later”, the journalist tweeted, hailing him as a ‘Superman’.

Sheikh Mohammed retweeted the post, terming Al Qassab as a “true example of a real civil servant”.

5. Ajman cops let family wait in police patrol: August 2021

A family was waiting in the scorching summer heat to get PCR tests done for their children’s return to school the next day. Seeing this, two kind cops let the Indian mother and her two children rest in their patrol car.

A video of the gesture went viral, with even Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, sharing it as an Instagram Story. The Ajman Crown Prince met the kind cops later and honored them.

1. A group of good Samaritans helped free a stuck car in Dubai: June 2023

En route to Keturah Reserve, the group of girls found themselves stuck in Nadd Al Shiba or Mohammed bin Rashid City. While attempting to free their stuck car, a group of good Samaritans witnessed their dilemma and offered a helping hand.

The two groups worked together until they successfully freed the stuck car.

2. Dubai Police escorted men across the road so they could make the Eid prayer: June 2023

An officer escorted these 4 men across the road to make the Eid prayer as they were getting late.

Note that jaywalking is extremely dangerous, and people will be fined for doing so, as it is illegal in the UAE. The police escorted these men due to certain circumstances and made the decision based on what was appropriate in the moment.

3. Dubai Police crew saves an AED250K Rolex that went overboard: June 2023

A yacht party in Dubai turned sour over the Eid break when a party-goer's expensive timepiece went overboard into the deep blue. At a loss for how to retrieve it, the group immediately contacted Dubai Police, who sent a rescue dive unit to search for it.

Like a miracle, the heroic police unit emerged with the precious Rolex in a mere 30 minutes! They were cheered and thanked by the entire party.

4. Strangers helped an old day when she was in distress: May 2023

A well-known blogger in Dubai recently shared a touching story of how strangers' generosity allowed his mother to return home safely. Boy Dubai's blogger, Ion Gonzaga, described how his mother's phone had died as she was heading to the train station to meet him. Gonzaga tried unsuccessfully to call her to ask her about her arrival time and meeting location. He was anxious and unsure.

At that point, a kind stranger on the train saw his mother's distress and provided her with a power bank so she could charge her phone. They went above and beyond to assist, even though the passenger had to leave at the following station. Earlier, Gonzaga's mother had requested that a fellow traveller look him up on Facebook and send him a message informing him that her phone had died. And indeed, Gonzaga received a polite message with all the information he needed.

5. Emirati man returned wallet containing Dh15,000 in cash and some official documents: November 2021

An Emirati man, Khalid Mohammed Al Hosni found a lost wallet that contained Dh15,000 in cash and other documents at Expo 2020 Dubai and handed it over to the lost-and-found point at the mega-event.

Dubai Police honored Al Hosni in line with Dubai Police’s keenness to appreciate and recognize all those who set a positive example in society through their deeds.

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