iOS 18: Top 10 Exciting New Features for Home Screen and Lock Screen

iOS 18: Top 10 Exciting New Features for Home Screen and Lock Screen

Apple has revamped the Home Screen in iOS 18, bringing in a host of new customization options. You can now freely place icons, change their size and color, and hide apps. The Lock Screen has also received updates for a more personalized experience.

Highlights of the iOS 18 Home Screen and Lock Screen Updates:

Rearranging Icons:

In iOS 18, you can freely rearrange app icons and widgets, creating various layout options with spacing between them. Unlike iOS 17, where new apps automatically fill the next available spot, you can now place icons anywhere within the grid. This allows for more creative layouts around wallpapers.

Increase Icon Size:

You can make app icons larger by removing app names and utilizing the extra space for bigger icons without altering the visible number of apps. This feature can be toggled between small and large icons universally.

Change Widget Size:

Resize widgets directly on the Home Screen using a new corner drag handle. Widgets have predefined minimum and maximum sizes, making resizing straightforward.

New Widgets:

iOS 18 introduces Health and Journal widgets, along with options for cycle tracking and the new Training Load feature on Apple Watch. Additionally, new Home widgets display electricity usage and rates.

Dark Mode Icons:

Apple’s apps now support Light and Dark mode icons, allowing users to match icon colors with Dark Mode settings. Icons can also switch colors automatically based on the active mode.

Icon Tints:

Apply a tint to all app icons to match your wallpaper. This monochromatic look desaturates icons before overlaying the chosen tint.

Hiding and Locking Apps:

iOS 18 lets you lock apps behind Face ID or Touch ID or hide them entirely. Hidden apps appear only in a special App Library section, ensuring privacy and security.

Lock Screen Updates:

  • Rainbow Time: Customize the time display with a new rainbow color option.
  • New Widgets: Add widgets like the Journal prompt and Health app Vitals.
  • Quick Buttons: Replace the Flashlight and Camera icons with other Control Center options or third-party app shortcuts.

New iOS 18 Wallpapers:
Four new wallpapers are available in pink, yellow, azure, and purple, each with Light and Dark mode versions.

News Source: MacRumors

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