Over 50% of the global population expresses concern about job displacement caused by AI

Over 50% of the global population expresses concern about job displacement caused by AI

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries has sparked a growing discussion and apprehension.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov across 18 countries sheds light on consumers' perceptions and concerns regarding the potential impact of AI on employment.

The survey reveals that globally, 57% of consumers express worry about job displacement due to AI. However, it is important to note that 43% of consumers do not share the same level of concern. The findings highlight a considerable variation in consumer attitudes toward AI across different markets.

In the Asian region, a significant number of consumers voice their concerns about AI's impact on job displacement. Leading the way is India, where over three-quarters of respondents (76%) express worry. The UAE and Indonesia closely follow, with 70% and 69% of consumers respectively sharing similar concerns. In contrast, China and Hong Kong present a more balanced perspective, with slightly over half of consumers (55%) expressing concern.

In North America, a majority of Canadian consumers (56%) express worry, while a similar share of US consumers (54%) are concerned about the potential impact of AI on jobs.

In Europe, Spain and France have the highest percentages of concerned consumers (67% and 65% respectively). However, consumer apprehension decreases in other countries, with less than half of German consumers expressing concern (47%). In Sweden and Denmark, the level of concern decreases even further to two-fifths and one-third respectively (41% and 34%).

These results reveal substantial variations in consumer attitudes toward AI and its potential effects on employment across different regions. Concerns are more prevalent in Asian markets compared to Europe and North America, emphasizing the importance of ongoing discussions and educational efforts regarding the role of AI in the future labor market across diverse regions.

News Source: YouGov

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