Sky View Dubai - The Best Things to See and Do

Sky View Dubai - The Best Things to See and Do

Dubai has always been the center of attraction to the world because of the mesmerizing skyline it has. The skyline with a backdrop of sunset and sunrise is a famous landscape everyone is familiar with.  The city is to be seen in its full glory during the night with the entire Dubai lit up.

The city of Dubai is introducing a new way to have a panoramic view of Dubai from above. You will be able to view the 360 degree view of the city from the skies. Address Sky View is the new attraction for all the adventure seekers who would like to look Dubai through their perspectives.

Address Sky View

The Address Sky View is situated in Downtown Dubai amidst all the skyscrapers. The Address Sky View hotel is a twin structured buildings with more 50-storeys. The shape of the buildings was inspired by the soft shapes which are formed during the windy weather on the vast sketch of deserts. This project was planned by the names assosciated with Burj Khalifa's architecture, Skidmore, Owings, and Merill (SOM).

The twin structure stands at a height of 260m in the Downtown region amidst other skyscrapers. The buildings share a curvilinear podium at the base and then separates into two buildings. A multi-story sky bridge connects the building at height of about 220m. The Sky Bridge has an open leisure deck. A 70m long infinity pool is also a part of this extravagant bridge.

Both the towers are not of the same height. The first tower heights around 61 storeys high. This entire tower is for residential services, however, it also has a spa. The second tower is shorter than the first one with a height of 56 storeys. This tower has the hotel suites and service apartments.

The Address Sky View hotel is the latest addition to the Emaar Hospitality Group’s list. It is set to be the most desirable destination for short stays and hotel residences. Address Sky View has 170 hotel rooms and 550 fully furnished apartments. These apartments offer all the world-class amenities offered by the Address Sky View. The exclusive swimming pools, fitness and leisure facilities, the restaurants at the podium and roof levels are just a few of the luxurious amenities offered by the Address Sky View.

The Address Sky View hotel is not just a name in the hospitality sector. It has found a new space in the tourism sector as well. The twin structure offers three distinct experiences for the public, namely, Sky View Observatory, Edge Walk, and the Glass Slide. All these will give you a view of Downtown Dubai and the surroundings that you have experienced only through photographs.

Sky Views Observatory

Image Source: Sky Walk Dubai

The Observatory is a new addition to the list of must visit places in Dubai. The Sky Views Observatory will give you a 360 degree view of Downtown Dubai at a height of 219.5 m. It is located in the 52 nd and 53 rd floors of the new Address Sky View Hotel. This Observatory is fascinating not just for the tourists who live in Dubai, but also to the residents who would like to see the city from up above.

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The Observatory is a 46m long walk on the glass floor which serves as a connecting link between the twin buildings of the hotel. The glass flooring beneath will enable you to have a look at aerial view of the city that lies below. Walking through the glass floors can give you a thrilling experience once you look down. The similar kind of experience you get while walking through the Dubai Frame. But Sky View observatory is higher in altitude compared to the other experience.

Sky Views Observatory also serves as an entrance to the other two attractions that the Sky View offers; Sky View Edge Walk and Sky View Glass Slide.  The visibility outside could depend on weather conditions.

The tickets to the Sky View are priced at AED85 for adults and AED70 for children aged between 4 to 12.

Edge Walk

Image Source: Sky Walk Dubai

The Edge Walk is a first-of-its-kind experience offered by the Address Sky View which lets you to walk along the edge of the building with the Dubai Sky View on your side. Individuals who are always looking out of adventures rides need to experience this at least once during their time in Dubai.

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Edge Walk will let you walk at 219.5m high through the edge of the highest pod while taking you around the pod. There would be no windows or protective barriers between you and the sky views. However, you will be equipped with safety harnesses while you trek around.

You can have a panoramic view of Dubai while encircling the pod. This ride is not for those who fear altitude, instead loves them. The walk will give you a short glimpse of the city of skyscrapers. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Dubai sky view alongside experiencing a hands-free walk on the ledge of the hotel.

The tickets to the Sky View Edge Walk are priced at AED504 for an adult. The ticket also provides complimentary passes to the Observatory and the Glass Slide.
You need to be physically fit to be able to experience the Edge Walk. Make sure you
comply with the terms and conditions put forth by them to have zero inconvenience.

Glass Slide

Image Source: Sky Walk Dubai

The Glass Slide will make you squeal out of excitement. The Glass Slide will take you through a transparent glass tube that wraps around the tower connecting the 52 nd and 53 rd floor. This ride gives a unique adrenaline rush to you.

The Sky Slide is 12m long sheets of quadruple laminated glass and is manufactured in Germany. The glass is supported only at the top and bottom and therefore, nothing can interrupt you on your ride. This Glass Slide is a first in the Middle East. The experience will always call you back for more.

It is best to book your tickets during the golden hour so that you can see the Dubai
skyline at sunset. The view will look straight out of a fairy tale.

The tickets to the Sky View Slide are sold on their website. One ticket permits only one ride on the slide. However, for additional rides, you will only be charged AED25. Book your slot in advance to avoid waiting in the queue.

Make sure to follow the guidelines while visiting the Slide. The tickets can be booked on their official website

The adrenaline-flushing rides are not the only attractions offered by Address Sky View. They also offer fine dining.

Sky 52 Restaurant

Located on the 52 nd floor, the restaurant offers good food with a good view. You will be able to experience fine dining with classic American cuisine at their restaurant.

You are open to mesmerizing views of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and Downtown Dubai while munching on the tastiest dishes prepared by the in-house chefs. The menu offers a wide variety of starters, burgers, entrees and desserts.

You can come here for a casual brunch or dinner, or a business meeting with your client. You can also taste them after enjoying the three rides of Sky View.

The best time to visit the restaurant would be for an early dinner where you can dine while being a witness to the mind-blowing Dubai sunset transitioning into the lit night. You can book a combo experience where you can enjoy the rides of Sky View Dubai and enjoy the fine dining experience in the restaurant. While booking this, your restaurant booking will be booked one hour subsequent to the Sky View rides.

Strawberry Afternoon Tea

This is the part of the Sky View + Hotel Dining experience where you will be served tea
within an hour of your Sky View ride experience. You will be served a delicious
Strawberry-themed affair. It is set up in a manner of a British tea party.

There will be servings of Beetroot Brioche, Savory éclair with pickled strawberries, and strawberry and Datterino Gazpacho. They also cater to your sweet tooth by serving desserts such as Strawberry and Rhubarb Roulade, Odalys infused Tonka Beans Mousse with strawberry balsamic compote, alongside a selection of scones, jams, and aromatic beverages.

The timings available for booking of Afternoon Tea is from 3 pm to 6 pm. Bookings can be made on their website

The Address Sky View hotel is at a prime location and therefore easily reachable. They are located near Sheikh Zayed road and you can get there by Dubai highways. You can reach the destination either by private transport or public transport. The Dubai metro is near the hotel which makes transportation easier for you. The Dubai metro also has an air-conditioned travellator that can connect passengers from the metro to the hotel.

The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Business Bay are some landmarks that surround the Address Sky View.

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