Speciality Coffee in Dubai - Find the Best Coffee Shops and Roasters in the City

Speciality Coffee in Dubai - Find the Best Coffee Shops and Roasters in the City

Many large coffee franchises have found their home in Dubai. Dubai has an impressive number of coffee consumers. Cappuccino, espresso, or any other form of coffee, you can taste some of the best flavours of the world from Dubai. This has been possible due to the large competition in the field.

People in the region has discovered a new love for specialty coffees. Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee. The beans are roasted and grinded in the coffee shop or small factories using traditional methods and technology rather than roasted and packed in large plants.

If you would like to taste some of the best specialty coffee in town, here are some of the coffee shops and roasters in Dubai that you must visit.

The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us is a gourmet café located on Sheikh Zayed Rd. They are popular for their breads, cakes, and pastries.

At The Sum of Us, you can taste a one-of-a-kind coffee. Their coffee beans are sourced from organic growers of coffee regions across the world. These green coffee beans are then taken care of by expert in-house barista. You can taste test the best brews at the café. The exclusive specialty coffee menu at the café features around 9 varieties including Batch Brew, Chemex, V60 Pour Over, and AeroPress.

The Sum of Us also serve flavoured tea like Passionfruit Iced Tea, Oolong Tea and more. You can pair your beverage with baguette sandwiches or toasties.

Price: AED115 for two people

Location: Ground Floor, Burj Al Salam, 6th Street، Trade Centre, Dubai

Timings: 8 am to 9 pm

Surge Coffee Roasters

Image Source: Nice Local

Surge Coffee Roasters is an Emirati coffee brand. The brand has put in efforts to raise standards of coffee in the region since 2016.

The Surge Coffee team roasts the coffee beans to enhance its taste while preserving the natural flavour of coffee. They sell five different varieties of coffee blends, namely, Columbia Huila, Indonesia Sumatra, Ethiopia Halo Beriti, Brazil Minas Graiz, and El Salvador Santa Leticia. You can purchase them from their website along with other related products like drip bags, barista tamper, Lunar scale, coffee press, grinder, and more.

Surge Coffee Roasters also provide services like consultation where you can interact with coffee experts to help you with establishing your café. You can also join for courses that teach you more about coffee and brewing.

Price: Starts from AED50

Location: Multiple locations across Dubai including Al Quoz Industrial Area, Bin Sougat Centre, and Last Exit Al Khawaneej.

Timings: Al Quoz Ind Area – 10 am to 7 pm, Bin Sougat Centre – 7 am to 12 am, Last Exit Al Khawaneej – 7 am to 1 am, and Al Khawaneej St – Open 24 hrs

Stomping Grounds

Image Source: Stomping Grounds

Stomping Ground is a specialty coffee hub located in the heart of Dubai. The café is popular for their breakfast and specialty coffees and teas. They also have won various accolades for being the best café in the region.

The exclusive beverage menu at Stomping Grounds will throw you off the hook with their large collection of coffee beans and diverse brews.  You can choose from the myriad extraction methods, beans, and milk. Their signature coffee section features 7 flavourful coffees starting from just AED29.

You can compliment your coffee with croissants or cakes from Stomping Grounds. The café also serves excellent specialty tea.

Price: AED190 for two people

Location: Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Timings: Sunday to Thursday - 7:30 am to 11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday – 7:30 am to 12:30 am

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters

Image Source: Lets Work

Seven Fortunes is primarily a coffee brand that has been serving premium coffee blends in the region.

In the specialty section of Seven Fortunes, you can purchase coffee beans grown in different parts of the world. They have more than 10 flavours of premium coffee blends. You can find variety of specialty coffee like Gothams Flame Blend, Sudan Rume 555, Geisha 552, and El Salvador.

You can purchase coffee merchandise like French Press, grinder, chemex and more at Seven Fortunes. They also provide barista employment services where they supply experts or train your baristas to meet the international standards. You can get wholesale supply of coffee beans, high end equipment for home brewing, or consultation on designing your café.

Visit their website to see purchase their specialty coffee and to learn more about their services.

Price: Starts from AED85

Location: Warehouse 12, Al Asayel St, 318th Rd, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

Night Jar

Image Source: Night Jar Coffee

Night Jar is a coffee brand that is popular for their specialty coffee blends. Night Jar provides services like artisanal coffee roasting, cold brew production, café and coffee beans wholesale.

Night Jar offers you premium coffee blends that you can buy in large quantity to serve your customers. They have different types of single origin coffee beans sourced from Africa and Latin America up their rack. These beans are then roasted to perfection in Dubai to produce their signature coffee blends and cold brews. They also help with quality equipment and staff training.

You can taste their specialty coffees on site at their café. The café also serves an extensive range of beverages including cold brew teas and mocktails. They also serve delicious salads and sandwiches.

Visit their website to add their specialty coffee blends to your cart. They also have premium coffee equipment for sale on their website.

Price: Starts from AED40

Location: Unit G62, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Timings: 9 am to 9 pm

Mokha 1450

Image Source: The HUNTR

Mokha 1450 is a boutique cum coffee shop in Dubai. This café provides extensive coffee experience with their exceptional coffee and ambiance. The name of the café is inspired by the Arabian and Ethiopian history of coffee.

Mokha 1450 offers wide range of options in terms of brewing techniques, single origin beans, and flavourful blends. You can shop for coffee blends, brewing equipment like grinders and filters, snacks, and merchandise from them.

At the café, you can indulge in the ultimate coffee experience tailored to meet the local needs. You can sip on a cup of coffee while experiencing a premium coffee culture.

Mokha 1450 also features The Lounge, a specialty coffee shop where you can taste coffee-inspired drinks, non-coffee mocktails, and premium Belgian chocolates.

Visit their website to see their specialty coffee blend collection.

Price: Starts from AED55

Location: Al Wasl Rd - Al Bada'a – Dubai

Timings: Monday to Wednesday – 7 am to 10 pm, Thursday to Sunday – 7 am to 11 pm

Drop Coffee

Image Source: Drop

Drop Coffee is a specialty coffee shop based in Dubai. Their expert team includes world-class baristas from all over the world. They have been revolutionizing the coffee experience with their unique brewing techniques and coffee blends.

At Drop Coffee, you can taste some of the best specialty coffees in Dubai. They have Magick, A Drop Less, and and Caffe’ Latte to raise your bar. A Portuguese custard tart will elevate your coffee experience at this café.

You can also purchase special coffee blends from them. They have coffee blends from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia. Visit their website to see their collection of coffee blends.

Price: Starts from AED20

Location: Al Wasl, Dubai

Timings: 10 am to 11 pm

RoR Coffee Roastery

Image Source: Bean Burds

RoR Coffee Roastery is a Dubai-based specialty coffee brand. They have been serving exceptional coffee blends in the region since 2017. They source single origin coffee beans from around the world to provide you with coffee featuring a variety of fragrances, aromas, flavours, and tasting notes.

RoR Coffee Roastery offers flavoured coffee beans that you can directly purchase from them. They have a wide collection of coffee blends offered in various packages. You can find coffee blends from Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Columbia, El Salvador, and other countries. Their coffee blends incorporate exquisite flavors like honey, strawberry candy, chocolate, granola, and more.

They also provide services like bar setup, coffee supply, menu enhancement, and specialty coffee setup. Visit their website to see their large collection of specialty coffee blends.

Price: Starts from AED39

Location: 71 4th St, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Timings: 9 am to 10 pm

Raw Coffee Company

Image Source: Entrepreneur

Raw Coffee Company is a coffee brand in Dubai that serves premium quality specialty coffee. The coffee beans are sourced from around the world, roasted with care to offer you single origin coffee and coffee blends.

Raw Coffee Company has an adjacent café where you could taste exotic coffee full of aroma. You can buy cold brews, coffee, café goods, brewing equipment, espresso equipment and merchandise from their warehouse. Burundi Businde Coffee, Black Tie Coffee Blend, Colombian Decaf Nude Coffee, and Peruvian Chota Coffee are some of the best-selling coffees at their hand. You can try their recently launched Mexican Zongolica Coffee and Colombian Villa Maria Decaf Coffee if you love your coffee full of flavours.

Visit their website to check out the wide variety of coffee blends and single origin coffee they have put on sale.

Price: Starts from AED60

Location: Warehouse Next to RTA Carpark WH10, Cnr 7A and 4A Street, Al Quoz, Al Manara, Dubai

Timings: 7:30 am to 6 pm

The Espresso Lab

Image Source: Fresh Cup Magazine

The Espresso Lab is an Emirati coffee brand popularly known for their certificate courses in coffee brewing and roasting. They grow their own coffee beans and roast to perfection to provide you with premium tasting specialty coffee.

You can buy aromatic coffee blends and single origin coffee from them. AF1 La Cabra, Parabolic Savage, and Bounty are some of the favorites from their list. Challenge Me Geisha and 90+ Carmo Geisha are only made by order.

The Espresso Lab has won world recognition for the design and creation of Jasmine Cup. You can pre-order it on their website.

Visit their website to purchase their premium coffee beans and brewing equipment.

Price: Starts from AED85

Location: Mag warehouse Unit S04, 104 Al Quoz Logistics Park, Dubai

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm; Sundays remain closed

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