TikTok: Exciting content opportunities, thoughtful hashtags, creator opportunities, & CSR initiatives this Ramadan

TikTok: Exciting content opportunities, thoughtful hashtags, creator opportunities, & CSR initiatives this Ramadan

TikTok is bringing to life a host of exciting content opportunities, thoughtful hashtags, creator opportunities, and CSR initiatives to unite the community observing Ramadan this year.

With video views on the platform growing by 21% in 2021 and engagement by 22%, TikTok is firmly positioning itself as the source of entertainment for both observers and non-observers.

Hany Kamel, Content Operations Director at TikTok MENA commented on the initiative,

“Ramadan has always been a significant cultural moment within our region and one of great importance to families and friends, as they take time to come together and reflect, over shared values and moments. As a facilitator of one of the largest and most engaged online communities in the region and beyond, we wanted to deliver on this in a way that not only entertains but also educates, empowers, and builds a more digitally responsible generation. We are sure that through embodying Ramadan Values that are cherished across the region, we will see the community come together to inspire creativity and spark joy more than ever before”.

Some of the activations launching over the course of the month on the platform include:


With the hashtag #صناع_البهجة , creators will be taking to the streets in search hidden gifts. The Ramadan-themed gifts promise to bring a moment of happiness to recipients and users are also welcome to join in the fun and do the same with those around them.

Users are also called on to celebrate those in their lives that do not get the recognition they deserve through using the ability to stitch videos, highlighting the small acts of kindness in their lives. Everyone can join in to appreciate these everyday heroes by scrolling through the tags #StitchKindness and #كتر_خيرك. The face of the effort will be Nelly Karim, a renowned Egyptian actress, model, and ballerina, who will be joined by the likes of Mohammad Sweidan in the UAE and Rand Majali in Saudi Arabia.


Through the Ramadan hub on the platform, creators can come together through traditional Ramadan pastimes including cooking and enjoying meals with loved ones, settling in to watch popular shows and series, or simply sharing stories.

Hashtags to keep tabs on include:

#RamadanTableLive, where users can expect hours of daily live content by experts to inspire some delicious Iftar dishes

#HealthyRamadanLive bringing people closer to nutritionists and fitness experts who can guide people in staying in shape over the month, through open Q&A’s, exercise sessions and more

#RamadanStories will see gifted storytellers tell tales of history and personal development over the reflective time

Not forgetting the ever-popular Ramadan Shows, #RamadanReviews will see creators launching into animated discussions with their followers on the latest developments across everyone’s favorite programs, an integral part of the month to all.


TikTok will be promoting a mindset of tolerance towards all during Ramadan this year. The platform will be releasing inspirational video content to combat bullying within the digital space, also championed by the widely loved regional creators.


Building on all the exciting activity taking place on the platform over the Holy Month, TikTok will also be working hand in hand with local partners to uplift the effort of the community supporting initiatives, creating a difference across the region both on and offline.

News Source: Communicate

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