UAE: Save on Petrol Costs with Effective Tips for Fuel Efficiency

UAE: Save on Petrol Costs with Effective Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Retail fuel prices in the UAE reached an all-time high this month after authorities increased prices by 50 fils per litre from April 1. With Super 98 costing Dh3.75 per litre, Special 95 at Dh3.62 and E-Plus 91 at Dh3.55 in April 2022.

This is the highest-ever price since the UAE announced deregulation of local retail fuel prices in August 2015. The prices have more than doubled since the UAE dropped subsidies and aligned local retail fuel prices with the international crude rates. The prices have substantially increased since February due to Ukraine-Russia military conflict.

Below are some of the tips shared by Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of Road Safety UAE, on how motorists in the country can cut fuel costs:

•Avoid revving up on short distances (e.g. to the next red light, etc.)

•Display an anticipating, smooth and defensive driving style

•Avoid hard braking

•Drive at a constant speed and use the cruise control when possible

•Check tyres and proper tyre pressure

•Engine maintenance (air filter, thermostats, fuel injectors, ignition system, etc.)

•Especially in confined areas like garage or underground parking to avoid toxic exhaust fumes

•If you must wait and need A/C rather find a place indoors

• Drive the car type/size and engine size that suits your needs (bigger cars and stronger engines typically consume more fuel and are less easy to drive)

•Car sharing/rotation (for example on daily commutes)

•Use public transportation

•Avoid short trips when you can use alternative ways of transport

• Plan well, combine your journeys to reduce the amount of driving

•Advanced cars offer several functions to alert about maintenance needs and to increase environmental friendliness (maintenance alerts, tire pressure alerts, start/stop function at red lights, etc.)

•Hybrid cars and electric cars improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions

News Source: Khaleej Times

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