UAE home-grown FiLLi cafe set to expand globally in the USA

UAE home-grown FiLLi cafe set to expand globally in the USA

UAE’s favourite home-grown chai brand FiLLi is set to expand globally into the USA, FiLLi is all about kadak chai, great taste and an exquisite experience.

FiLLi is a hit amongst tea lovers in the UAE and now tasting globally with a vision to unite people’s love for tea.

Rafih FiLLi, the founder of FiLLi, has organically opened multiple stores across the UAE in the last 18 years and is now working with selected international partners to make the FiLLi and its unique Zafran Chai a global cult.

FiLLi is expanding its roots to the US market in a franchise partnership with ZaMas LLC. FiLLi opened its first store in Houston, Texas, on March 14 and has further plans to open 20 more stores in the next five years in the state of Texas, concentrating mainly in the cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Looking at further expansion plans, the UAE’s favourite chai brand plans to partner with experienced food and beverage companies in the USA to establish its brand further and is in franchise discussions with them for New Jersey, Chicago, California and the State of Georgia. For the US market, FiLLi's menu will offer its core products with a local spin adapted to US culture and taste.

Mr Rafih FiLLi, the founder of FiLLi is an entrepreneurial success story. Such is his success, he’s done a Ted Talk, had a Harvard Business case study done on him and has been listed in Forbes's top 100 among other achievements. Speaking of his expansion plans Rafih FiLLi saID:

"We extend immense gratitude to everyone who has made FiLLi what it is today with their immense love for our products. We will be striving hard to serve our customers in new markets and aim to make FiLLi Tea a cult drink across the globe."

News Source: Khaleej Times

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