Twitter will now allow users to soft block followers

Twitter will now allow users to soft block followers

Twitter is now rolling out a new feature that will provide a way to remove unwanted accounts using a soft block feature.

Soft blocking someone on Twitter means they will no longer see your tweets on their timelines, and they won't be informed of their removal. However, unlike a full block, they will still be able to direct message you, and they can still follow you again if they wish.

To use the soft block feature, simply go to your profile and click on 'Followers'. From here, click on the three dots next to the person's name and select 'Remove this follower'. It's currently only available to web users; no word on when or if it's coming to the Twitter app.

The feature is the latest introduced by Twitter to help users avoid the trolls and abuse the platform has become infamous for, while allowing them more control over the experience. The company is also testing a tool on Android and iOS that will warn users if a conversation they're about to enter could become overly intense or heated. A way of supporting healthy conversation, as Twitter puts it.

News Source: TechSpot

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