Parking Charges At Airports in the UAE: Complete List of Fees

Parking Charges At Airports in the UAE: Complete List of Fees

Get all the essential information about parking fees and duration at each airport.

Do you need to travel to the airport? While we typically rely on taxis for airport transportation, there are situations where driving yourself can be more convenient, especially when taxis are scarce or for shorter trips.

Fortunately, all airports in the UAE provide long-term parking options, allowing you to leave your car for an extended period.

This comprehensive guide provides essential information about parking fees at different airports. It will help you determine the cost for future trips when picking up or dropping off family or friends at the airport. Additionally, you will discover which airport offers free parking with zero charges.

Dubai International Airport parking charges

Dubai International Airport (DXB) consists of three terminals, namely DXB T1, DXB T2, and DXB T3, each with its own distinct parking rates.

Terminal 1

For Terminal 1, there are two car park options available. Car park A, located in the premium area just a 2-3 minute walk from the terminal, offers full-day or 24-hour parking at a rate of Dh125. Each additional day will incur a charge of Dh100. Alternatively, you can choose car park B, situated in the Economy area, which is a 7-8 minute walk from the terminal. Parking in car park B is priced at Dh85 for 24 hours, with an additional charge of Dh75 for each extra day.

It is important to note that starting from June 8th of this year, only public transport and authorized vehicles are permitted to access the Arrivals forecourt in Terminal 1. Cars picking up passengers have the option to use either of the two car parks mentioned or take advantage of the valet service.

DurationPrice at Car Park A - Premium(2-3 mins walk to terminal)DurationPrice at Car Park B - Economy(7-9 mins walk to terminal)
5 minutesDh51 hourDh25
15 minutesDh152 hoursDh30
30 minutesDh303 hoursDh35
2 hoursDh404 hoursDh45
3 hoursDh5524 hoursDh85
4 hoursDh65Each additional dayDh75
24 hoursDh125
Each additional dayDh100

Terminal 2

DurationPrice at Car Park A - Premium(2-3 mins walk to terminal)Price at Car Park B - Economy(7-9 mins walk to terminal)
1 hourDh30Dh15
2 hoursDh40Dh20
3 hoursDh55Dh25
4 hoursDh65Dh30
24 hoursDh125Dh70
Each additional dayDh100Dh50

Terminal 3

DurationPrice at all levels(2-3 mins walk to terminal)
5 minutesDh5
15 minutesDh15
30 minutesDh30
2 hoursDh40
3 hoursDh55
4 hoursDh65
24 hoursDh125
Each additional dayDh100

Free Parking

Al Maktoum International Airport, also known as Dubai World Central (DWC), is the sole major airport in the UAE that provides free parking facilities in both the Arrivals and Departures areas.

Earlier this year, there were reports of ongoing plans to execute the phased expansion of DWC, which has an estimated cost of Dh120 billion. The airport, which commenced cargo operations on June 27, 2010, and introduced passenger flights in October 2013, initially had a terminal capacity of accommodating 5-7 million passengers. Upon completion, DWC aims to become the world's largest global gateway, capable of accommodating over 160 million passengers annually. Additionally, it will serve as a multi-modal logistics hub, facilitating the movement of 12 million tonnes of freight.

Parking Fees at AUH

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, the parking charges differ depending on the terminal. For Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, the rate for whole-day parking is Dh240. For Terminal 2 and the Garden Parking area, the 24-hour parking fee is Dh120. It's important to note that these fees are subject to an additional 5% value-added tax.

DurationT1 and T3T2 and Garden Parking
30 minutesDh10Dh5
60 minutesDh20Dh10
Each additional hourDh10Dh5
24 hoursDh240Dh120

SHJ parking charges

DurationShort term parking (Arrival and Departure)
1 hourDh16
2 hoursDh27
3 hoursDh37
4 hoursDh48
Each additional hourDh11
DurationLong term parking
24 hoursDh95
Day 2 onwards or part thereofDh95 per day
Exceeding 30 days penalty (after 30 days parking fee plus penalty)Dh2,000
Lost ticket chargesDh200 in addition to parking fee

Prices are VAT inclusive.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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