UAE: Drug Addiction Treatment Options Without Arrests - Rehab Centers, Laws Explained

UAE: Drug Addiction Treatment Options Without Arrests - Rehab Centers, Laws Explained

Know someone struggling with drug addiction? Laws set in the UAE, along with rehab facilities ensure that individuals struggling with narcotics get the help they need.

According to UAE law, if someone asks for drug addiction treatment themselves, or if their spouse, close relative, or guardian refers them, they won't face criminal charges.

What can loved ones do?

Addicts or their family members can request the Addiction Treatment Unit, police, or public prosecution. This request should be made before any arrest warrant is issued to ensure the person can receive treatment.

The individual is then asked to surrender any drugs they have. They must also follow the treatment plan provided by the authority. The length of stay in rehab is determined by the unit.

Treatment and rehab centres

Throughout the UAE, there are treatment centers dedicated to providing necessary interventions for drug addicts. These centers focus on providing accurate treatment and rehabilitation to help individuals recover and reintegrate into society as productive and successful members. They also prioritize maintaining the full privacy and confidentiality of each individual's identity and history.

Here are some treatment centers located across various emirates in the UAE:


  • Erada Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation - 042399992
  • Al Amal Hospital - 045192100


  • Private rehabilitation centre - 065119000

Abu Dhabi

  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City - Behavioural Science Ward - 028196900
  • National Rehabilitation Centre - 8002252

News Source: Khaleej Times

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