UAE Travel agents caution that even a minor error on a visa or ticket can lead to significant delays

UAE Travel agents caution that even a minor error on a visa or ticket can lead to significant delays

These occurrences remind us of the crucial need to verify travel documents before departing for the airport.

A party of 22 individuals from India had planned a luxurious holiday in Dubai to celebrate their Eid al Fitr break. However, they had to abruptly cancel their travel plans at the airport due to a small mistake made by their agent in India, which resulted in the entire group having to postpone their trip until the following day.

According to Deepak Kaushik, marketing manager at Rooh Tourism LLC, there was a typographical error on the visa, where Abhishek's date of birth did not correspond with the details on his passport and visa. The visa had been provided by an Indian agent, while Rooh Tourism LLC served as the service provider for the same in Dubai.

As a result of the visa error, an express visa application was necessary for the affected passenger to travel the next day. Deepak Kaushik explained that the passenger's year of birth was erroneously printed as 1988 instead of 1983. The entire group made the decision to postpone their trip, as they were unwilling to leave behind a member of their party.

Agents are urging residents to carefully review all minute details on their passports, tickets, and visas as soon as they are issued, to prevent any further complications. According to them, every piece of data concerning the passenger is generated based on the information on their passport.

"Nevertheless, there are instances where we may make mistakes, such as using Mr. or Mrs. as titles for names that can be used for both males and females. This can result in a passenger being unable to travel,"

stated Libin Varghese, sales director at Rooh Tourism LLC.

Likewise, earlier this year, Aftab Hussain, a blanket businessman located in Deira, was prevented from proceeding at the baggage counter at Mumbai Airport due to a discrepancy in the spelling of his name.

"I had personally booked my ticket from an online ticketing website. Although my passport has a single 's' in my name, I use 'ss' for all of my online activities,"

shared Hussain.

Despite appearing as a minor mistake, this discrepancy was significant enough to cause confusion and inconvenience for Hussain at the airport. Airline personnel advised him that he could not board the flight with an incorrect name on his ticket.

Hussain was disappointed by these circumstances since he needed to be in Dubai the following day to collect his consignment. Fortunately, he was able to secure another ticket from the airline counter for a flight departing four hours later, as per Hussain's statement.

What can you do if this situation arises?

Taha Siddique, the proprietor of Siddique Travels, stated that he has also encountered similar situations with some of his customers.

"Several of our clients book their tickets online, and in their haste, they sometimes make mistakes with their names or dates. When we book a ticket, we verify the information several times before finalizing the booking,"

explained Siddique.

To deal with such a situation, travellers should notify their agent at least six to eight hours before the departure time.

"We can request the airline to correct the spelling. However, if there is an error on the visa, the trip must be delayed by at least one day,"

clarified Siddique.

According to agents, these incidents are a reminder of the importance of verifying all travel documents before proceeding to the airport. Even a minor typo can result in significant issues and delays when travelling by air.

Image Source: Khaleej Times via Syndicate

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