UAE: Poll reveals 80% of travelers now favor affordable holiday destinations that are lesser-known

UAE: Poll reveals 80% of travelers now favor affordable holiday destinations that are lesser-known

Travel company shares ideas on how to save on your next holiday.

UAE travellers are open to wandering to more alternative or lesser-known destinations so as not to hurt their pockets and save some money, according to a recent consumer trend survey.

Based on the latest research conducted by travel company Skyscanner in association with OnePoll, 77 per cent or roughly 8 out 10 UAE travelers would likely swap their holiday favourites for alternative options to save money.

Ayoub El Mamoun, Skyscanner travel expert, said:

“The desire for new and alternative destinations appears to be increasing this year, as compared to 2022, when only 41 per cent of global travellers surveyed said that they wanted to explore new places versus returning to an old favourite.”

“We’re seeing a big uplift in the number of searches for underrated destinations from the UAE, including Hanoi (+373 per cent) and Osaka (+332 per cent) to name a few.”

Skyscanner noted UAE travellers cite cost savings and the ability to escape the crowds as the top reasons why they choose alternative vacation spots.

How to save on your next holiday

Skyscanner noted UAE travellers looking for a European city break could swap popular tourist destination, Paris, (with cheapest return flights from Abu Dhabi at Dh308 this August) for the lesser-known city of Bucharest (with return flights from Dh171 this August) and save 44 per cent on the cost of their flights alone.

The Romanian capital is replete with history. They can head to the old town in Bucharest to discover the city’s exciting past, museums and expansive parks. It is also considered as one of Europe's safest and most affordable destinations.

Those who are looking for a beach holiday, meanwhile, could swap Phuket, Thailand (with cheapest return flights from Dh1,697 this August) for Sardinia, Italy (with return flights from Dh658 this August) and save 61 per cent on their flights. Sardinia is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, mountainous interior with hiking trails, and delicious seafood cuisine.

Other cheaper holiday options

Holiday-makers could also consider swapping New York (with return flights from Dh3,014 this August) for Tokyo, Japan (with return flights from Dh2,092 this August) and save 30 on air fare. The Japanese capital is full of life and activities during any part of the day, Skyscanner noted.

Other cheaper holiday options include Kutaisi, Georgia (from Dh261 return), Salalah, Oman (from Dh269 return) and Samarkand, Uzbekistan (from Dh199 return)

Skyscanner also noted:

“Flight prices are all based on supply and demand. Searching by multiple dates is one of your best chances of a finding bargain. Consider flying on less popular days of the week. For example, if you are travelling to Thailand from Dubai between August 5 and 11, the cheapest day to fly saving you more than 40 per cent Wednesday.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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