UAE Workers Ranked Among Most Hard Working Globally: Study Reveals Exceptional Work Ethic

UAE Workers Ranked Among Most Hard Working Globally: Study Reveals Exceptional Work Ethic

Nearly half of the workers in the country put in over 49 hours in the office every week.

People in the UAE are among the hardest working globally and do the longest hours per week. In the list of 150 countries, Malta tops as a staggering 91 percent of workers spend 49 or more hours per week, the highest out of all countries studied.

Malta is followed by Bhutan, the UAE, Bangladesh, Congo, Mauritius, Lesotho, Maldives, Pakistan, and Lebanon.

According to a study released by Business Name Generator (BNG), the UAE is the world’s third hardest-working country. As per the study, 46.5 percent of workers are logging 49 or more hours per week in UAE. While the average paid work hours per week total 52.6 in the UAE.

In addition to its own data, BNG included data from the International Labour Organisation also on the average working hours and the number of workers that regularly work overtime in each country.

The study noted that the modern work environment “has brought about many benefits, such as greater flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere, it has also raised questions about the culture of overworking and its impact on employees.”

It said countries such as Israel, Austria, Netherlands, and France sit at the bottom of the ranking, with shorter work weeks and minimal overtime contributing to this.

“While this may suggest a more laid-back approach to work in these nations, it may also reflect a commitment to work-life balance and a focus on personal well-being.”

In the United Kingdom, the City of London has the hardest workers with the most paid hours on average (36) and achieves the highest productivity levels.

In the United States, Utah has emerged as the top-ranking state in the US for the hardest working residents, according to our study.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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