What to expect: Visiting Dubai in Ramadan

What to expect: Visiting Dubai in Ramadan

A common misconception among tourists when planning a trip to Dubai during the month of Ramadan has to be cleared - Ramadan in Dubai will not put limitations on your holiday fun.

The emirate is constantly thriving and is slowly becoming known as the city that never sleeps and during Ramadan there’s a whole host of cultural entertainment and festivals that take place. Most restaurants and shopping malls in Dubai have a special late opening time during Ramadan to accommodate prayer times and the breaking of the fast.

There are special Ramadan night markets in the city which is popular among locals and tourists alike where you’ll find fashion, cosmetics and souvenirs alongside the excellent sales at the likes of Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Mall, Al Seef, Souk Al Marfa and more.

If you’re visiting Dubai when Ramadan is coming to an end, you’ll be in the city during Eid al Fitr – translating to ‘festival of breaking of the fast’ – an excellent time to experience the vibrant celebrations amongst Muslims that tourists are welcome to join. The city is awash with cultural performances and dance shows across a five day public holiday while Emiratis get together to exchange gifts and celebrations. Nightclubs usually re-open at this time too and restaurants return back to their normal order of business.

Many popular tourist attractions will be less busy at this time which means you can beat the crowds and make the most of the emirate while its considerably quieter than usual. Most attractions remain open but operate with abbreviated hours in order to observe and respect the holiday. If you’re in doubt about the opening times of your desired attraction, simply check online, call the venue or ask your hotel concierge.

The best part of the day comes around Iftar time, the city truly wakes up from its slumber during Iftar. All people are welcome to join for an Iftar with hundreds of restaurants to choose from, offering classic Middle Eastern and International buffets and a la carte cuisines. Get ready to take your trip to Dubai before the end of Ramadan.

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