A Taste of Mystery: Exploring Dining in the Dark Experience in Dubai

A Taste of Mystery: Exploring Dining in the Dark Experience in Dubai

Head to VAGA for a one-of-a-kind dining event designed to stimulate all your senses, bringing adventure and mystery into the conventional dinner experience.

In an era dominated by the Instagram generation, where visuals often precede the act of eating itself, we're all guilty of 'eating' with our eyes (and smartphones) long before the first bite. Enter a dining revolution that flips this trend on its head: the tantalizing Dining in the Dark experience. Step into a world of culinary mystery, where losing sight means gaining a sensory experience unlike any other. With a blindfold as your only companion, you'll navigate through a delectable 3-course meal, each bite a surprise, designed to challenge and delight your taste buds in darkness. This unparalleled dining adventure heightens your senses, transforming every flavor and texture into a thrilling discovery.

You likely have numerous questions on your mind; let's seek out the answers together here.

What is Dining in the Dark?
Fever Originals has crafted a spellbinding series of dining events worldwide, teaming up with both renowned and undiscovered restaurants to bring you Dining In The Dark. This one-of-a-kind gastronomic event invites guests into a pitch-black room, where they’ll don blindfolds and embark on a journey through a multi-course meal. This dining adventure aims to amplify your senses by removing sight, offering a unique way to experience food.

How is the menu determined? Do I need to make any choices?
The event features a curated mystery menu, carefully selected to surprise and delight, utilizing seasonal ingredients to craft an exclusive experience for this event. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform them through the provided form so we can adjust your meal accordingly.

Eating in Complete Darkness: How does it work?
Embrace your creativity to navigate your meal in the dark; everyone finds their own technique! It’s part of the fun and adventure.

What is the duration of the Dining in the Dark experience?
Expect to spend around 90 to 120 minutes enveloped in darkness. To fully immerse yourself in this sensory experience, we recommend staying in the dark throughout the entire event.

How will I find my table in the dark?
Upon arrival, their staff will guide you to your table. Seating arrangements are finalized five days before the event, based on the details provided in your order forms. Ensuring your form is submitted on time is crucial for a smooth experience.

When should I arrive for my Dining in the Dark session?
Check your tickets for the start time of your session. They suggest arriving 15-20 minutes early to ensure a relaxed start to your experience.

What if I’m Late?
Late arrivals may be subject to refusal at the restaurant’s discretion, but they strive to accommodate all guests whenever possible.

Can I be seated with my friends during the experience?
To enjoy this experience with your friends, simply complete the seating form in advance and include the names of your friends. They will make sure you’re seated together for this unforgettable dining journey.

  • Before being seated at the table in the pitch-black room, you will be asked to place all light-emitting objects, such as cell phones, watches, lighters, and cameras into the secure boxes provided by them. This policy is in place to make sure all of the guests have a wonderful sensorial experience while dining in the dark.

*Please note: limited seats, reservation in advance is required. 


"The food was delicious and it was a fun date night activity!"

says Jamilah Dalton

"So much fun trying to figure out what we were eating with only taste and smell and so yummy!"

says Victoria McCoskey

"This is an experience that everyone should embark on! Fine dining while blindfolded was an amazing experience and we will definitely do it again!"

says Lynda Evangelista

  • Average cost per person: AED 290 - AED 400
  • Address: Ground Floor, below Dubai Eye, The Wharf - Bluewaters Island - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, 000
  • Timings: Two slots available 7 PM / 09:15 PM

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